Sweet Deals? Hmmm

My sick-twisted mind play tricks on me


I accidentally saw this old advertising when I was on waiting room in my office (then I manage to “snatch” it from the magazine & scanned it he he). I mean look at the whole content of it.


It’s a commercial about a hotel (which in Indonesia is synonymous with a place to have an affair he he) but the girl is took almost the whole page of the commercial ad, and it tells us about some sweet deals from Rp. 300.000, – per night only at Ibis Solo. Now tell me that the way the girl smiles, the sentence it used don’t kinda stirred U’r brain in the “right” (read :wrong) direction!


OK, maybe Solo ain’t the place that was well known for, sorry if this offended anyone or any other city whatsoever, if U’r offended then maybe… he he, back to track, known for it’s prostitution, but that exactly the point! There are 2 theories regarding the safest place : the safest place is the most dangerous place cuz no one will expect that or the safest place is the one that was least expected. To sum it all, maybe Solo is, in one-way or the other, cool he he he.


Well then lesson learned, don’t advertise a hotel this way. Maybe they try to emphasize the hospitality (since if it’s prostitution then the girl should be sexier and more provocative, at least that’s my preference for one night stand girl) but it’s a hotel U try to sell. Show some of the facility also, such as swimming pool, wi-fi, arcade center, etc. Please don’t make this sick-twisted brain of mine to be more, well, sicker than it’s already are? (If this damaged beyond repair brain can be more broken he he he)




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