I Want my Happy Meal © !!!!

Valentine’s day is a holiday invented by greeting-card companies to make people feel like crap

Jim Carrey, “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”


Another year comes and go, and here I am still alone on a day where everyone should cherish the so-called love. It’s not like I’m agree with Jim Carrey. It’s just like I still haven’t found what I’m looking for. Or probably I’m just to busy playing my role as corporate robot and slaves wages that I sacrifice my personal life in the pursuit of some materialistic pleasure.

But that is exactly the problem, not the busy being slaves and all that,

Imagine saw girl like this. Would U called the feeling as love? Lust!

probably I set my standard too high, or maybe because I don’t believe in the thing called love, at least love at first sight, I think lust at first sight is more suitable. Honestly, first impression leaves a marks right? And the first thing we saw when meeting someone new is their appearance, their looks, physically. Is that a lust or what?

And somehow when stroll the avenue looking for something to eat in 02.45 in the morning (thnx 4 da freakin job and my insomnia tendency that somehow kicks in that is), my only option is a fast food restaurant (I won’t mentioned it due to copyright issue, but it start with the letter M, McLovin? Who am I kidding just read the title probably most of you already know the restaurant). Due to the short amount of cash I equipped, I could only afford happy meal©.

Just for the fun of it, another “happy meal” from the “other” franchise that came with cool looking toys (so it’s not like I endorse the “M” word or somethin

Exactly at that moment I realize something. Hey, this feels familiar. I realize that this is it! The answer of my question, whether the so-called love is exist or not. I remember my first “love”, not lust, to a girl that exactly not my ideal type of girl, but she always on my mind, and I always feels happy when she’s around. (Check her on my earlier blog here to see Claudia)

Just like the happy meal©, I like package 1 but I hate the fries, or package 2 but I dislike the burger, but I chose one anyway, and I ended up happy and stuffed, not hungry anymore. It just like life, just like love. Happiness is a state of mind, so does love. If we decide to love someone, we should accept him or her as whom they are, the whole package. We shouldn’t be bothers by their flaws like snoring, immature, etc. We’re not perfect after all right, no body does right?

So instead looking for the perfect one, I’ll try to make the most of what I have, not like I gave up on the search, I just try to understand that everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way, so I’ll try to dig someone I like deeper and try to found diamond in the rough. After all love is not something that we just found, we have to fight for it, to maintain it.

Maybe I still don’t believe in love, I prefer commitment to “love” (just like why I still doin my freakin job now than quit). In my countries, in the old days, parents are chose who we suppose to married with. But you know the strange thing is? Divorce rate at that time are way away more, well, less significant if I dare to say lots smaller (in a huge way). Just look at the divorce rate nowadays when we chose our own mate. Maybe at the good old days we fight hard to maintain relationship, unlike now, the instant generation. We can switch everything that seem doesn’t suit us in the blink of an eye, no second thought. OK, I’m off to find my own happy meal©, the one that can share my joy and pain (cheesy cliché -_^.) hell, at the very least someone who understand my love for action figures, music, cartoon and other so-called kitsch he he, then I dare me 2 say “I want my Happy Meal © !!!!”


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