Rise of the Imperfect !!!

It’s not the beauty that I want, you look like something weight a ton

Just say hooray! It’s a brand new day…


“Midnight Hooray”-Leonardo


There’s this thing that been bothering me lately when I watch the so-called celebrity on TV and my mom also confirmed my concerned about the fact that somehow, there’s a VERY significant amount of so-so celebrity, in term of physically. My mom used to say that back in the old day, all celebrity that appear on the media is God-looking beauty, perfect by nature-perfect by definition, unlike today’s celebrity that, well physically they are not perfect, or to be more polite, they are “one of us”.

Just watch TV, flocking with “reality” show that created instant celebrity such as singing contest (“American Idol”, etc), elimination contest (“Survivor”, “The Bachelor”, etc), with physically imperfect celebrity and wannabe celebrity. Andy Warhol once predicted this thing, that in the future we all have our “15 minutes” of fame and thank God and also long live technology so that we all have the tools to promote our self to this God-forsaken world. We have myspace, youtube, facebook, etc. Or maybe we could just do something crazy like running wild naked in front of public (at least we’re on TV, whether for good or bad cause is a different issue. Nothing else matter if U get famous, even famous for, well being famous for no reason whatsoever ^_^).

Either he’s a magician or some wacko

I remember Indonesian magician Deddy Corbuzier said this “If U wanna sell something, sell it as expensive as U can or as cheapest as U can. Don’t get caught in the middle and be mediocre”. With that train of thought, ordinary people became celebrity (either they all sooo f#^kin’ ugly or horrendously beautiful).

Then again, the existence of beautiful people in the media is on the verge of extinction cuz one of this conspiracy-idiocracy-outrageously theory :

1. There’s no pure breed anymore

BEAUTIFUL, with capital word, though I don't know if she's pure or not

For better, at least we got a beautiful mixed race, like the so-called “indo” in Indonesia or afro-American in USA, the mixed race one like Alicia Keys or Halle Berry. For worse, it’s hard to find a pure breed, like

For better, at least we got a beautiful mixed race, like the so-called “indo” in Indonesia or afro-American in USA, the mixed race one like Alicia Keys or Halle Berry. For worse, it’s hard to find a pure breed, like snob / aristocrat English beauty or the firm, tough Germany soldier type nowadays.

2. The definition of beauty is being “shifted”

Well, U can easily know the difference of the word “beautiful” nowadays. Like “Time’s Magazine 50 most beautiful people” list that I bet we all not agree on most or some of the people on the list, personally I never agree that Brad Pitt is on the list of “beauty” (cool maybe, beauty?). Or just like the time my friend dig on “big’ girl (read : fat) rather than skinny model type.

Cuz I’m a straight guy, I can’t judge which one is better

Example for this Brad Pitt, my mom said that the guy is soooooooo so-so but my sister think that Brad is the coolest cat in the alley (see the different? Handsome and cool, the generation gap difference operative word to qualified the guy) what my mom said handsome is the classic type such as Omar Sharif.

Maybe the definition of beauty is shifted, or maybe the term beauty depends on preference of each individual. Me for instance, I have a vast and varied of the definition of beauty, check my blog entitled “The Anatomy of beauty” to see how random my definition of beauty.

Hell, maybe the f#^kin’ ugly people is considered to be beautiful by someone, or like how most foreigner that came to Indonesia usually dig on “black-village type” girl that we all called “exotic”. It’s true what they said that beauty lies at the eyes of the beholder, eh?

3. Majority has spoken (and majority is ugly people)

Well, in this God-forsaken world, things usually settled (controversy, war, dispute, etc) by rules of the common consent or majority vote. These things disrupt the balance of the world and status quo called “primus interpares” where the most powerful or alpha-male usually lead the herd and decide what’s best for them. But since “the herd” decided what is best for them, it’s time to revolt and they thought “f#ck it! What does this stupid leader know anyway? Everyman for himself!” Thus the common consent or vote is created.

Believe it or not, they are celebrities in Indonesia

It takes people to decides what’s best for the people, and apparently, the majority is the lesser being (read : ugly people) than the leader type, the good looking people. But since the majority has spoken (such as what is the definition of beauty), then we have to deal with or live with what the majority has vote, ugly is the new beauty sigh!!!

4. We need something that we can relate to

What’s the problem with having the God-like beauty as an idol? Well, if U ask me and to make it simple I use the analogy of why I am such a Batman fan-boy, cuz Batman is one of us. Despite that he is at the peak of human physique and he is a genius, rich, etc, among DC Superhero, he is just a normal guy who strives and successfully achieved his place among the Superhero (even established himself as DC’s trinity with Superman and Wonder Woman). We appreciate his effort and through him somehow we were encouraged and inspired to achieve a better tomorrow.

Yep this is vocalist for some Band in Indonesia, a huge band. Believe it!

The situation above can be applied with the celebrity scene nowadays, let’s just say that we adore a God-looking celebrity, don’t let’s make it simpler, we adore a good looking vocalist and then he sang a song about broken hearted, about rejection, being an outcast, etc, did U feel the vibe? I mean, its like hears a phony prophet preach about simple live while the preacher live with six house-five cars and live large. But if the vocalist is “one of us”, it’s make things more intimate and easy to relate.

5. Perfection is pain the @$$

Talk about high maintenance girlfriend

In the old days, somehow media is obsessed by perfection, even if it’s only a skin deep perfect (in old movie the actor/actress is even dubbed or voiced-over if their voice didn’t match the role s/he played). Somewhere along the way, maybe we got bored with perfection, too much pressure, too much effort, modern day is the instant age, hassle free and user compatible. Thus, perfection is left behind cuz it’s just plain hard to execute. Also, people need something they can relate to, not beyond reach dream or idol. At least that’s what I think it is.

So, here we are with “mediocre” celebrity that represents us. I know the term mediocre is incorrect cuz 5 theory I mention above. So, for better or worse, this is an era where each every one of us can be a celebrity, be a star, even if we are horrendously f*#ckin ugly. It’s time for us the imperfect to rise yeah!!!!!!!!!


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