Superhero Comic is a bad influence?

My God, I never knew that Batman was such a violent book…
My Mom comments when he “accidentally” read my Batman comic

Really, I always wonder why society always labeled Superhero comic as a waste of time, as a lesser literature (though if a comic is good society labels it as “graphic novel”, even Superhero comic e.g. Watchmen, Life Force, A Contract With God, etc). I mean, do this “society” even tried to read superhero comic before they judge?

My mom freaked out cuz he thought Batman was for kid, I mean c’mon! We talk about a guy who witness his parents murdered for no reason whatsoever (in Batman modern storyline the murderer never revealed and haunts him) then he decided to wage war against crime with fear and U think this is for kid?! Batman handles with the criminal, low life, psycho, raper, murderer, etc for G sake! Hell, he even promote vigilante, even I admit it.

This is not for kid. Understands that parents!!!!

OK, there’s a reason why the rating system was created (PG 13, M Rated, etc) and parents also have the responsibility to decide which is best for their kid (don’t get me wrong, I thank my parents cuz they let me read Batman as a kid, it’s really highlights one of the best moment and source of my life guide, even I learned more from Batman than my parents). OK, maybe not all comics are suitable for kids but what most people don’t know about comic, especially superhero comic. It taught us to accept and embrace difference.

Didn’t believe it? Try X Men, a bunch of guys who was, and still hated by the world not cuz what they did but cuz what they are, mutants. They protect the world and its humans who hate them, loathe them (honestly I think human jealous at them cuz they are born with super power and some militant hates them cuz mutants is the next evolutionary so it defy “God will” that said that human is the most perfect being). X Men is the perfect example that we shouldn’t judge people just cuz they are different and the difference is what makes the world a better place. Oh, and X Men also acknowledged that everyone is capable of be good or bad not just some races is better than others (Wolverine is the first Canadian super hero, Colossus came Soviet Union, USA enemy when the comic starts).

A team consists of various backgrounds, religion and races
Dust is one of the most powerful mutants in the world, believe it or not
Melati even join U.S. government and fought Spiderman who defies government at the time

Even despite the anti-Moslem or anti-Islam to be exact, after 911, comic is the first media that acknowledge that Islam is a religion of peace and terrorist is a bunch of misguided or just plain corrupt people who use religion as justification to do their “thing”.  Check Marvel super heroine and member of Young X Men, from Afghanistan called Sooraya Qadir A.K.A. “Dust” the first Moslem, a women even, that pictured as super hero (even still using Moslem cloth as costume) or the first Marvel character from Indonesia, a girl named Melati A.K.A. “Komodo”.

One of the most anticipated cross over

The best acknowledgement about Moslem came from DC comic, DC comic makes a cross over comic and “Justice League of America” is join forces with Moslem Superheroes “The 99” (which their name derived from Islam which known that God has 99 names).

Even in recent Batman comic, which Bruce Wayne is return and created Batman Inc and recruits more Batmen from every corner of the world. An Algerian Moslem named Billal Asselah, a French nationality, was recruited as Batman of France under the code name “Nightrunner”. Sadly, this decision sparks a controversy among society whose still under anti-Moslem sentiment cuz they think an immigrant, and to add offence, a Moslem became French Batman.

Though his past not as grim or tragic as Bruce, Bilal fits the role

If U read his origin, Billal actually really fits to become Batman, even Bruce is approve him and his method to fight crime, also his love to his adopted country, France.

Cool costume, can’t wait for his figure to come out

Bottom-line comic is as good as other literature and comic does not bring bad influence cuz just like other literature, there are comic for kids or for adults. Oh, and if U said comic, or to be exact, superhero comic is bad, consider this, the most non offensive, fairy tale, which considered not a bad influence and taught us about values and other shiny, lovely and pretty things (mind the offence dude) : Cinderella live with 7 guy without even married, Sleeping beauty let stranger kiss and marry her, Pinocchio is a big liar, Tarzan didn’t wear underwear and walks around with no clothes, Aladdin is a thief. And parents tell that comic is a bad influence? C’mon guys! Everything in this world has 2 sides of coin, positive and negative, it depends who sees and interpret it.


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