Lo-Fi New Year Party

So this is the New Year, I don’t feel any different.

“The New Year”-Death Cab For Cutie

Should’ve wrote this yesterday but I’m feeling lazy and New Year supposed to get some slack right? So, at the dawn of 2010, I think to myself, “Will I spend my last day of 2010 in front of TV just like last year?”… Well, TV offers a lot temptation such as music concert (which is live broadcast from the new year party elsewhere in my city, kinda felt like a substitution for not going where the event happening though) or Box Office movies (such as Pirates of Caribbean trilogy, yep three of them at marathon, Iron Man, Transformer, etc, which came to mind that, “Hey, I already watched all of them anyway!”) and it really hits me right at the spot, DAMN, this is new year party, I should at the very least just go out, go somewhere, anywhere. So my mission is set. Spend my night somewhere else than my house.

There are couple of options, such as spend the night at mosque (or church if you are Christian or any other place depends on what religion you adopt) and contemplating for the year had spent and make a comfort with God, etc, bla-bla-bla, yada-yada-yada, and since I’m not a religious guy, safe to say that I’m not into this kinda thing. Second option is go out have a party celebration (like what my sister did, she went clubbing and have a blast party) or maybe just go out anywhere and probably celebrate New Year at the road (since the traffic jam is awesome at days like this). Figure I chose hybrid between have a party and just go out.

Since I live in Kelapa Gading, one of Jakarta biggest China Town, I thought that maybe I could just spend the evening on the street, get free entertainment such as firework or maybe free booze ^_^. So I went to the Center of Kelapa Gading (boulevard street and Jogging Park), luckily by foot since the traffic jam is like WHOOAA Mama! Actually, in Kelapa Gading, there’s a New Year party that is held at La Piazza (some sort of Kelapa Gading version of champ de Elise’s in France or Red Square in Moscow) featuring DJ performance, Band performance, sexy dancer and of course, fireworks (which why I came to see). But since U have to pay for the event (I’m such a Scrooge McDuck disciple) and the ticket sold out already anyway, I decided to spent the evening on the road nearby La Piazza so at least I catch the glimpse of the spectacular fireworks. Kinda Lo-Hi New Year celebration (the opposite of high budget party which in some way an abbreviation of Hi-Fi in sound system world).

Left :Kinda impossible to go through if U’re on car. Right : Another freeloader like me waiting to catch a glimpse of fireworks from La Piazza


And it’s you and me, and all of the people with nothing to do..nothing to prove..

“You and Me”-Lifehouse

The great thing about having a party in China Town is the fact that Chinese people has a fond or soft spot for fireworks (they use it in most of Chinese Celebration such as Lunar New Year, Birthday or even opening a store and much everything else). So, most people also brought their own Fireworks, and just like The Joker said, “Madness, is like gravity. All U need is a little push”, so when one people launch a firework, others is retaliating with doing the same. It’s like war since soooooo many people is launching the fireworks (and it’s not even New Year countdown, it’s approximately 11:00 PM but it’s like New Year already). And when finally the countdown start, it’s like the climax where everyone shouting and go OOOH AAAAH every time the fireworks launched. It’s beautiful!!!!!

Sorry if the pictures suck. Should’ve brought my digital cam rather than my stupid camera cell phone that sucks.
The notorious wrist pass

After the countdown, security in La Piazza is toned down so I managed to sneak into the place and having some fun. To enter the place U should buy the ticket and get the passed in form of bracelet U wear in U’r wrist but like I said before, I sneaked in baby! When I sneaked in, what’s left is clubbing scene and the game booth (which U’ll get a prize, usually a doll, if U win the game). So I guess my New Year party ain’t bad either, eh?

Quite a fun rave party and entertaining game booth

Aftermath : after deciding to go home after have so much fun, I went to the park, the Jogging Park I mention earlier, just to lay low and rest for a while. And U know what? The park is having a party it self! Lot’s of free booze and couples having “fun” in the bushes, if U know what I mean ^_^. I think I kick-start next year with quite a blast he he.

Indonesian version of hangover, wonder if they wake up on the security booth since it ain’t allowed to touch the plants or even walk in the grass he he

Another year you made a promise
another chance to turn it all around
and do not save this for tomorow
embrace the past and you can live for now
and I will give the world to you

“This Is The New Year-Ian Axel


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