One of My Favorite Batman Figure, At Least for the Moment

Bought this baby finally, image courtesy of e bay
Below the surface of this stupid looking face, lies a stupid, err I mean nice friend that U can relied

At 31st of December, finally after waiting approximately 3 weeks (I order it early December) since I ask my friend (read : beg, threat and using any other means necessary to complete the mission) to let me borrow his credit card to buy this baby on e bay, I finally get a hold on this baby. Funny fact : despite his name is Dicky Satrio Sudiro, he is not a, well in one way or another, a “dick”. If U need money and find him on the street, just ask him, he’ll gladly gave his money 2 U (will be more effective if U use a knife and using intimidating approach such as shout and if U have muscular body it will helps a lot ^_^). Oh, and I still play this baby like a child with his candy till today, woo yeh na na na na na Batman!!!!

I finally managed to quench my thirst to 3.75 inch Batman figure (I already have Microman figure but somehow they always manage to fall and not easy to play with (despite the awesome articulation). So, is this the ULTIMATE 3.75 inch? I tried to break it down then (and to make it easier, I attach some link for U to read a more valid and competent review ^_^) :

Exclusive baby! Find it if U can!

This is the second version of Batman 3.75 inch figure from DC Infinite Heroes line (the first version sucks, accept for the Oh-So-cool-utility-belt, check this version here to find out) and to make matter worse, this figure use the same sculpt from Target exclusive 3 pack Superman/Batman : Public Enemy line which including Batman, Captain Atom and Black Lightning figure. Thus, this is a rehash figure nonetheless, knowing that Target exclusive 3 pack Superman/Batman : Public Enemy line is sooooo hard to find (there’s a reason for the word exclusive. This baby only sold at Target retail store, and we don’t have them in Indonesia), this figure is worth to be sought for.

Early comparison between the first and second figure

First impression, this figure is as sure as hell beats the first version (pants down, err, I mean hands down)! The first version hands are atrocious (kinda like a gorilla hands attached to the Bat) and it’s funny how some extra articulation (the feet sector with all the ball joints) made this figure a winner compares to the first version. But the contest ain’t over yet. 3.75 figure were established, well, at the very least was re-established and conquered by Marvel Universe line.

Compared to the Marvel line, this awesome figure only disadvantage is the fact that all DC 3.75 figure is smaller compares to the other figure (true that Marvel is bigger but strangely Marvel size is in-line with the Japanese figure line Gashapon from Japan. Though smaller, this figure is so fun to play with that his flaws was outmatched by how fun to play this thing with (and I can pretend that this is Tim Drake posing as Batman ^_^ state of denial mode on).

Another comparison to my others Batman figure,
Joker is taller than B-Man?

Back to the review, here’s some of the thing that I didn’t like about this figure, it lacks of accessories, which is NONE, I mean, this B-man we talking about! This is a rich boy with issues that love to beat thugs with his magic whiz-s-thing and super spy gadget and this figure is come with none whatsoever accessories (well, every figure in this line didn’t equipped with accessories, with couple of exception like The Joker and his stupid staff or wand I don’t know, but that kind of figure is some sort freak of nature in this line). But Thnx to heaven that this baby can be attached by other 3.75 figure accessories. If U have G.I. Joe gun or sword U can equipped him, or if U have Batman Microman figure, U’r lucky cuz this baby is compatible just like a twin that were separated at birth.

Another weak point that I found in this baby, besides he is smaller compares to Marvel and Gashapon size, is the face, yep the one below the mask / cowl. Despite awesome sculpt (OK, compares to the Marvel he’s not as bulky but we can pretend that this is Tim Drake dress as Robin, again ^_^), the only weak and cartoon-like (read : not intimidating as Batman as the face of Batman should be, at least in the mouth. Thnx God for the compatibility with Microman figure, this figure never looked so awesome (in my opinion though ^_^).

Another shot from this awesome baby

Final thought, OK here we go :  since the notorious 3 pack exclusive is hard to find, and this baby also hard to find (seems that we all love B-man and make this baby a collector item eh?), especially in Indonesia, this line was and still is an epic fail (they have the same prize like the more superior Marvel line). So if U found this, well, in one way or another, check it out for U’rself and buy it if U does find this worth all the cold hard cash U earned. And honestly this ain’t my ultimate 3.75 inch Batman figure (that prestigious trophy still held by Batman Gashapon, the oh-so-awesome, the-hot-damn, the Jim Lee version, image below in the center).

Still, champion title held by my Gashapon Batman. Oooh awsome!!

4 thoughts on “One of My Favorite Batman Figure, At Least for the Moment

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