I Could Ride Any Car I Want, But That Doesn’t Mean I Would, Should Or Even Could

You’re way too beautiful girl /That’s why it’ll never work /You’ll have me suicidal, suicidal When you say it’s over/ Damn all these beautiful girls They only wanna do you dirt /They’ll have you suicidal, suicidal When they say it’s over

“Beautiful Girl”-Sean Kingston

Ever heard analogy “There are many fish in the sea, why settle with one?” that thing is abused in daily basis by player and wannabe who loves to proclaimed themselves as womanizer. I kinda disagree with that, I think a better analogy is to replace the word “fish” with “car” and “sea” with “road”. Confused? Let me try to break it down to U.

From perspective of man, life is an open road. Maybe there are track that make our destination is more, well, organize or “on track” but there’s an intersection and exit gate to change our course. We’re men. We like to changing lane or do stupid off-road to do radical stunt to change our course (of course we need a big foot to do that, but even city car not enough to holding us back) and that’s why the majority of us loves car. We adored cars, even someone else’s car (yep, believe it or not, we adore others belonging just like women, well envy in the smallest amount of negative perception). When we drive our car in road, we always paid attention to others car (it’s a fact, google it) and we sometime adores them (kinda felt like cheating to our car, but it’s in our gene). But we just adore them, and that’s just it!

Wish I could have car like Batman. But ain't gonna buy it!
Faded from memory as fast as she goes

Just like when we saw a hot-damn-sexy girl passing us. Yes, we turn (even break our neck to make it more dramatic) our head in her direction (even when we are walking with our girl at that time (and in process makes her mad, guilty as charged, no objection here). But the image of that hot-damn-sexy girl will just vanished in the blink of an eye (depends on how pervert we are and how bad our short-term memory loss is, yep, male is waaay lamer to handle memory, maybe cuz we love to twist and put some spice in it). So, we will immediately forget the distraction (no wonder we often felt no guilt whatsoever for “cheating” to our pair cuz we forget them immediately and not making such a fuzz about it, sorry if this fact offends the female of the species).

One more thing about man that U need 2 knows is that we always have plans. It may sound weird, but that’s the fact. We walk our girl or even just friend (which sometimes also a girl) with a plan on our mind. Maybe we thought, “I’m not gonna sleep tonight, not with U all over me he he” or sometimes just like “Maybe I’m gonna get some extra fooding or place to crash if I walk U home”. So, if a guy didn’t have plans for U ladies, better leave him cuz he’s a good for nuthin (not even friend with “benefit”).

That’s also goes with how we chose our compadre or our “partner in crime” A.K.A. loved one. Take me for instance, I love Jeep, especially Hummer, but if I have the money to buy a car, I probably gonna by a city car like Honda Jazz/Fit or Starlet. The reason is cuz city car is more efficient (fuel consumption and spare part, also low maintenance cost). U can apply this to girls. Maybe men digs model, but since to have a model for a girl is hard to achieved and even when we achieved it, we will find a hard time to maintain her and pleased her, even to met her standard (in life, in income, etc). That’s why most men ends up with “girl next door” or “high-school sweet heart” that makes us comfortable with our self and accepts us for what we are.

Love the left but probably bought the “right” one

Maybe it seems that most men are afraid to aim high or dream big. But U’re wrong! It’s like priorities in life. If a man puts a girl as a priority rather than an option, men will do anything, everything for that girl. If we could find something worth trying, worth dying for, we even walk through hell for it (like the time I don’t eat “decently” just to buy my lovely Batman figure).

But like I said before that we have always have plans, which including back-up plans incase our first option is failed. Yes, some kinda safe clause. So maybe if our target, the model is rejected or dumped, we have back-up, our “girl next door” or “high-school sweet heart” ^_^. Hell beautiful girl is like a walking time bomb that makes us suicidal, just like Sean Kingston lyric, it’s like “damn if I do U, damn if I don’t” situation. But then again, if the girl is worth it, it’s sink or swim, I’d drown or make her mine!

Maybe I’m gonna buy a Hummer in the future instead of city car? Who knows? But when I finally figure that I can’t afford to use Hummer, maybe I trade it for city car (don’t ya wish U could apply this in life he he). So, conclusion is I could ride any car I want, but that doesn’t mean I would, should or even could.

Nice ad about car (with girl as an extra)

Oh, and if U thought why guys really digs car (even over girl), click here to find out. Already did? Now U already knows why men digs car!


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