She’s Got The Whole Place Blowing (Literally)

Disclaimer: This is merely work of fiction and no hidden agenda or sumthin, just some psycho try to release it self from grip of stress. If something in this $hit is bugging U, either U’re 2 sensitive or U just pain in da @$$ ^_^ (just kidding guys) just for fun.

Again, my sister is annoy me with playing the same song over and over again, this time she’s playing, or to be exact, abusing “Angel” by Akon. I don’t know but I guess this is my sister way to find a cure from her addiction to this song, U know, too much of a good thing will make U fed up with the thing.

But her action has taking its toll on me. My twisted mind is playing some sick “movie-like” scene about this peculiar song. So without further delay, here’s the scenario called “She’s Got The Whole Place Blowing”, a story of survival and love at first sight (inspired by the annoying song from Akon called “Angel”).

Smack Down yeah!!!!!!! I mean smack that ^_^

When we talk about Akon, besides the fact that he is an African descendant, is, without intending to stereo-type races, he looks like a gangta’. Yep. Most Rapper, hip-hop or other black music artist have the tendency or style that states that they are gangsta’ and U don’t wanna mess with them. So let’s say that Akon is gangsta’ and most gangsta’ had a “tough-love” treatment and hard-knock life from family and environment, thus he is rarely see something so fine and beautiful in his life (this is a make-believe, just play with me guys). With songs like Smack that, he probably a wrestling enthusiast or fan-boy of The Rock or John Cena from WWE.

One day, our “hero” went into some club, ravin’ wild and other usual activity of gangsta’ (U know, drink booze, dancing, or lap dancing ^_^, drugs etc). And if U ever got high, U knows that U doesn’t see this world as it is. U’ll see this world like some sort of astral plane where everything is metaphorical and weird. U can tell a difference between what’s real and not. That’s why we got high, sometimes to forget all the $hit this world has to offer, sometimes just to do some escapade from reality giga-bites or just wanna have some unadulterated fun.

Usual gangsta’ and things U do when go high activity

Then, out of the blue, came this girl that makes times stand still or everyone walks in slow motion (playing the “Six Million Dollar Man” theme) and the birds are singing, rainbow came out of nowhere, etc. And Akon think to himself, this is a genuine angel! (Akon are soo high and this is what he saw OK, don’t interrupt the story). Thus these lyric are born :


She got wings she got a halo
It seems to me so unnatural
Cos that’s one thing that I just don’t know
What seems to be so incredible
She looked at me took me by surprise yeaaahh
As if she took me by the hand to some foreign land
And had me way up
Way above the clouds in the sky singing (x4)

He thought he see is this angel (left), but actually what he saw is the angel on the right
The “it girl”

Then, without any moment wasted the girl open her shirt (and the crowd screams, “yeah baby yeah!”), only to reveal the things she hide under her shirt, which unfortunately not what we expect, OK me and the other guys expect, a bomb (and the crowd are disappointed and go “booo”). Then the girl just pushes the button and then BOOOOOOM!!!!

She’s got the whole place blowing indeed

Somehow, Akon survived the blast and live to tell the story. But cuz the market didn’t like or approve some song about suicide bomber, Akon was forced to change the whole story and made some story about some beautiful girl he met in the club. Rest assure brother, your story of survival, the blood and the tears won’t be left untold ^_^

Here’s some of the lyrics about that girl with revision here and there :

I’m looking at an angel
And believe me when I say
She got that whole place blowing (x2)
She got that whole place glowing
I’m looking at an angel
And believe me when I say
She got that whole place glowing (x3)
And she’s high in the sky singing
Way above the clouds in the sky singing (x4)


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