Cycle of Doom

The only important thing is to sell and make money. It has nothing to do with talent.

-George Harrison- The Beatles guitarist


After a while diet of watching T.V. , I decided to reread some old magazine and watching T.V. (mostly music and fashion show) and also cleaning out my attic, this odd activity led me to a strange phenomena, an odd and awkward but somehow tolerable by society. I discover old “trend” (I know I’m not the one who” discover” it, I just realize that it was there from the first time, but my ignorance saved me from become the victim of it).

Reread and re-watch those “craps” make me realize that we live in a very artificial world. In the verge of the 90’s, I remember the time when my sister is so gaga with New Kids On The Block (NKOTB). She worship them like that “band” (why they didn’t call them vocal group or something? They didn’t even play music instrument) is the best thing that ever happen to this God forsaken world. But just like a good trend pattern, its life span is somehow short-lived. Only takes one year for her to go gaga over other (boy) band and forgot them (NKO who?).

This is Indonesian boy band?

And for the love God or any ethereal thing that U worship depends on U’r preference, boy band is back, with a vengeance, at least in Indonesia. A boy band called SMASH makes a splash (not a just ripple) in Indonesia scene. Click here to find out how awesome and cool these guys are (sarcasm and cynical mode on). When they are old and looking back at what they did, they must be very proud of what they done when they are young (again, sarcasm and cynical mode on).

Sure back then boy band is the hottest thing back then (and now in Indonesia), but why? I mean, they didn’t even write the song (a handful of them probably write some), they even sometime didn’t really sing (lip-sync). What do they have to offer? Voice or maybe talent? Not so special (well some do sound something). Probably just looks, eh (though honestly SMASH is rather so-so or mediocre, at least for me, hey, I’m not gay I can’t judge some dude objectively cuz I’m not into “it” OK!)? I bet a dollar to a rock that’s the answer. A boy band offers a variety of boys to choose. The nice one, the rebel one, the innocent one, the dark-broody one, etc. It have all the fans (girls) needs to satisfy them self (probably also to satisfy some gay kid. No pun intended). Makes me wonder that the corporations that capitalize profit from this trend probably think that all the girls love them, and all the boys wanna be like them (NOT!!). A good look does matter (just like Godzilla, size does matter). Don’t believe? Read this quote:

I’ve told that if you want to make it in this game, gotta have the luck, gotta have the look

The Libertines, “The man who would be king”


But this trend, this cycle of Doom if U ask me, as I say before, short-lived. As the “people” crave for something else. Something different, knowing that the old trend had already reached boiling point and must cool off, other trend emerge, girl band, even “punk” band phenomena (boy band who play music instrument with good looking face, Punk became the new boy band, all eyes on “Busted”), then came RnB, then came Emo, then came Hip rock (or Rap rock, or so whatsoever), and so on and so on. The corporation just capitalizes everything that’s “hip”, suck it till dry and nothing left from it. Where the hell are those entire bands that once so “hip”? We just following a wave of industry created trend like robot doing their program.

Sure if there’s trend, there’s also anti-trend. Remember the time when every song in the chart is a ballad by Celine Dion, Peabo Bryson, and the old school gang? Or if you have other alternative, probably just boy band. At that time the “underground” scene also reached is boiling point and gets jaded with the ridiculous hair metal, almost everywhere is metal band, etc. Then came a hero out of nowhere, Nirvana. They brought the raw sound, edgy attitude, even mosh-pit to the main stream, and mainstream embrace it and go gaga all over it. This lead to the “alternative” era (best days of my life. With all the good band appeared).

But as we all know, when something became trend, it fated to be doomed sooner or later (well nothing good can last, all good things come to an end said Nely Furtado). As corporation take their dirty hand on this trend, they capitalized it, over exposed it, till there’s nothing left of it.

Hell, maybe SMASH it such a fuzz cuz Indonesian people finally bored and fed up with today’s trend, “Metal” or Melayu Total (some music genre that made emo less whiny and manlier somehow). If U wanna sample some taste of “Metal”, click here and here to hear some of it and no wonder why SMASH it such fuzz, which I personally hope will fade away soon enough. I hope this cycle of Doom can be break somehow (SIGH)


2 thoughts on “Cycle of Doom

  1. musik gak berbobot…gak ada skillnya…banci smua ah…kalo gue dibayarin nonton konsernya mending gue di bayarin makan nasi goreng…dasar banci….

    • Setuju bro ha ha, but that’s when I was younger. Sekarang gw berusaha menghormati selera mereka, walau dibayar juga gw ga mau nonton tetep ha ha.

      Well, lessons from Punk, respect the difference. Even if that means we have to live with those oxymoron ha ha

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