This Is What I called New Year!

Finally!!! I was never been the guy who became excited for a new year. I think it’s overrated and an expectation that was set too high will eventually ends with disappointment. That’s why I celebrate the New Year in lo-fi.

But it’s about to change my friend! After quite a turmoil in January, just plain January with highlight that at 28th of January I lost my cell phone when I went to some gig called “Friday I’m In Hell” (what an appropriate title for me at that moment), I embrace February with no expectation, at all.

Ice Ice baby

So, at the end of January (at 31st) my friend Dicky, the same guy that help me bought Batman figure in my previous blog bring me my Wolverine Origin Iceman action figure (which is very awesome and it’s translucent baby! 3.75 Inch fig at it’s best). So I manage to get some “little” (OK, I was ecstatic) happiness.

Then, at 1st of February, my office held culture fair, which actually it’s boring but one of the most beautiful girl I’ve ever see is became the booth girl, which mean an excuse to take a picture with her ^_^ (and I DID!!!!). Damn, this is like icing the cake for taste of things to come (and now I’m a believer for a better tomorrow!!!).

Since she or everyone I know didn't read this, I just post the picture of my numero uno girl. Guess which one he he
A better look of my stupid picture

Then, somehow I taste slice of what celebrity feels when everyone (in my case just some acquaintance) recognize and sometimes making fun of you. Somehow my office using my picture when I was a booth guy from 2008 culture fair. I mean how come they chose that picture. I even laugh when I saw my picture, and my office used it as some sort of promotional poster and banner (either they are idiot or genius).

Then, since I lost my phone and I just cashed my vacation funds to buy new phone. And since I loath Blackberry (no offence for those who loves and use it, I just don’t like it, OK I lied. I HATE IT. Overrated piece of $hit), I chose Android phone. So, I went to the store and without any given info, I just trust my instinct and chose SAMSUNG GALAXY 5 (OK, I admit it’s cuz the price is under 2 million Rupiah he he). Well, the OS is Android 1.6 (but it’s probably upgradeable) and its processor is 600 MHz but it has built in analog radio!!!! I could listen to radio without wasting my money for it!!! Hell, with I GHz processor, Android fro-yo, I Phone, Blackberry or any other crap!!!! My phone have everything I need, MP3 player and radio (and always on-line internet access).

My newest trustee companion

With all that happens and this 3rd of February also a Chinese new year. I think this New Year will be better than the last. I can’t wait for what life would bring next, cuz probably if I die now. I die with a big grin smile on my face (way exaggerate I know but I just can’t help it). Strangely, what brings the biggest smile still the picture of me and the girl of my dream he he. GONG XI FAT CHAI everyone!!!! May the New Year bring prosperity and luck to us all!!!

Another look of the angel that swept me off my feet he he

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