A Hope Is A hope, Even If It’s Only A Hope

So I lay my head back down
And I lift my hands
And pray to be only Yours
I pray to be only Yours

I know now You’re my only hope

“Only Hope” by Switch Foot


Last week, an acquaintance of mine, a senior who happens to be a kinda reckless guy and no bull$hit attitude somehow mention about why the hell on earth why we still living and working on this “$hithole”, what’s drive us to move our @$$ everyday to do the job we don’t even like (don’t like is a lame word, we hated it to be brutally honest)? Knowing his personality, I expect some unique or out of the box question with some foul language, but somehow the word that was spited from his mouth is a word of wisdom (yep, we never really know some people 100%. There’s always some element of surprises, some uncharted area about someone that makes interacting with others is so interesting).

Mellow on the inside


He answered that what keeps us holding on in this crazy world is hope, even if it’s only a vague, vain and impossible hope. He said that we could live without food for couples of day (also without water), but without hope we won’t last in seconds. With hope, we survive and endure pain, boredom and any other obstacle. Hell, we even run halfway (even full circle) across the universe if there’s a chance, a hope that what we wish might come true. Lesson of that day, never judge a book by it’s cover, though on the outside the guy is looking tough but his ring tone is “Fixing A Broken Heart” by Indecent Obsession & Mari Hamada, really didn’t fix the bill he he.


This is interesting cuz in some way there’s a pattern of blind faith or absence of logic and whether this is good or bad is up to the subject to decide. Just like Paramore song “For a pessimist I’m pretty optimistic” sometimes we do need hope or blind faith to make it through this crazy time, I mean we never gonna survive unless we got a little crazy right? Let’s say that we see a glass of water and it’s not full, what do U say about it, is it half empty or half full? It’s only having a slight difference, a thin red line but that difference is uncanny and may bring a very great impact on the end result. If U see it half empty, U are pessimistic and also vice versa and it really determine how U walk through life and how it will ends.


As a chronic gambler, I would bet all that I have in just one play if I have a chance, even the slightest one (even just 0.0001%, at the very least there’s still a chance, hell even if it’s minus I would still bet everything cuz I believe there’s a hope that the table could turn). U could say that my believes in gambling could be applied to other conditions and to other people in any kind, any stage or any hierarchy of life.


This game is really addictive this should be illegal

U wonder if this believe in hope is necessary? Let’s say we tried to do things and we failed. If we don’t have hope we probably just give up but if we have hope we would try again and again. This tried and true formula is somehow really makes the difference. I really addicted to “Angry Birds” and somehow my impulsive nature at the moment is passed the careful, precise and calculative friend in finishing the game. At the moment I was ahead of the game than my friend cuz my trial and error attitude and never give up attitude. Wonder if I applied this in other things in life.


If there’s still hope, even if it’s just only a hope with no possibility to come true, most of us could OK with it and go on as long as there’s still a hope. I don’t know, I guess a hope is a hope, even if it’s only a vague, vain, impossible hope. It’s a hope nonetheless.


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