Crash Courses

My uncle : how does the driving lesson?

Me: sucks! I can’t drive well.

My uncle : Don’t worry, U won’t be able to drive well  unless U’ve been in a car crash. That’s the way it is, trust me


Last weekend, I drive my sister to some “doctor” (cuz he is some alternative doctor with no papers to prove his method, but seeing how people come to his house just to get their bone fixed, guess he is quote bona fide in some way) to get her bone “fixed” (her spinal is kinda, well, not in the align position or the way it supposed to be).


It was funny rather than scary, except for the boy

But that’s not the thing that brings interest to me. There I met a boy who just survives an accident (he fell from his motorcycle and got his bone dislocated in some parts) thus he came there to get his bone fixed. His family just stood, watched and laughed as the boy got treated and when I ask did they feel worry or something, they said the worry part is passed and the fact that the boy survived is just some rites of passage that needed in order to break through the next level. His screams and whines just like music to my ears and jokes so funny that I also can’t help to lol while the boy is suffering for our entertainment he he. He screams like sissy ha ha ha ha (OK I know it’s cruel but I can’t help myself here).


Guess most of us aware the story ‘bout lab-rat (the cute white rat, not the dirty sewer one) usually taught to avoid trap by exposed them into it e.g. they put electro shock in the cheese so that the rat will avoid that specific cheese, which is a trap. Or how a beetle would adapt his leap-height according to the box it was put into (if the beetle is put on the 5 inch box then he will jump only 5 inch, though it could jump higher but it will only adapt to the environment it was given, wonder the maximum limit of the beetle could achieve given sky is the limit?). Sometimes we do need a crash course to makes us better in some way or another.


If U didn’t know what “crash course” is, based by “” crash course is a rapid and intense course of training or research (usually undertaken in an emergency). And usually it takes an extreme measure, such as getting injury or having a car crash like what I mentioned above, in order to pass to the next level an express accelerated learning process. Maybe U wonder why crash course is needed, but like I said before, we learn the best when we learn the hard way.


Strangely, I could drive well after me having a car accident, believe it or not. After I ram my car on my house (fence to be exact) and after I almost hit a truck. After that (and after I went through the traumatic phase) somehow I could be more relaxed, swift-agile and somehow more careful while driving. Maybe the effect of the crash was imprinted or immortalized on my sub-conscious and I think most of our brain function is the sun-conscious, such as reflex, instinct, impulse (especially for me the impulsive and kinesthetic type learner).


I remember Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Whatever that doesn’t kill you will only makes you stronger” but then again the sentence is too strong and the most appropriate thing is that we learn the best when we learn it the hard way. Guess most of us “intellect” creature is too stubborn to accept the world as it is and that we need the medicine that as strong as the poison, reality bites. We need to know that $hit happens and sometimes we need that in order to makes us more aware or careful for the future, they say only donkey that fell through the same hole more than once right, which is WRONG, cuz we always, well sometimes to be exact, fell over and over again through what we always call “the sweetest mistake” cuz we thought that all the pain is worth it. Maybe cuz we claimed to be the more perfect and intellect creature so we somehow deny and defy our heart/instinct and fell through the same hole? Or maybe we need more and heavier crash course.


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