Another Reason Not To… (Well Many Reasons to be exact)

They are trapped in the institution called marriage

So, last Saturday I went to my college friend wedding party. I remember my first reaction when I received the invitation and I thought, “He’s getting married? Lucky for him, unlucky for the girl ha ha ha ha….” And I LMAO till my stomach is hurt (really, I’m not over emphasized it). Maybe the reason why I was so psyche and can’t help myself is cuz I’m not the “married type of guy”.

Back to my friend wedding party, I noticed how “scrooge Mc’Duck” I am. In Indonesia, when U went to wedding party, there’s a custom (not compulsory or obligation, just some rather moral sense) to give some money in the envelope as a token of gift or gratitude for the bride and bridegroom. Thus I give them my money (though somehow I felt like I was robbed or mugged somehow) and put them in the “basket” or any kind of container for it.

So, in sense of justice and reciprocity, I decided that at the very least I should find some BEP (Break Even Point) for the cash I wasted before and I will eat till I found my BEP (yep, I’m Scrooge Mc’Duck all right). At the wedding I met with old acquaintance and college friend and since most of them is already married or at least already have partner in crime (read : boyfriend or girlfriend) the cliché question like “when will U married (or conduct some serious relationship)?” or “Where’s U’r girlfriend?” or any other variant of that type of question.

Seriously, I never give much thought ‘bout this till now so I manage to breakdown some why’s I never give approval to the idea of married, such as :

  1. Like I mentioned before, I committed to many thing in life I don’t think I could add another one
  2. There are already too many people on this earth, so I decided to give mother nature a break by not add another one (or two or three if I married)
  3. I don’t think I could be satisfied with one fish knowing that I will eat the very same fish for the rest of my life knowing there are so many fish in the sea
  4. I’m not established enough even to support a decent life for myself, what will happen if I also have to support another one?
  5. Probably this is my youth in revolt kicked in. Cuz my religion said that married is some sort of compulsory, so in order to maintain my reputation as “atheist” I against the idea of married
  6. We were born alone in this world (unless U R twins) so it is natural that we also lives alone
  7. Etc

But I also ask myself, what if the worst-case scenario really happens, I do get married one day, what could possibly drive me to do that? I can only think these options :

  1. MBA (Married by accident), maybe I was “lost track” when do intercourse or too “on fire” that somehow my partner in crime (literally) is getting pregnant and somehow I have to married her cuz I don’t have the nerve to kill an innocent life
  2. I lost a bet and the price that I have to pay is to get married (really, I’m an avid gambler whose sucks on gambling, God truly love me that he made me worst at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed, hint of sarcasm)
  3. I finally found the special girl that KO me and made this untamed creature is surrender and give his all to the girl. Maybe this is why most of the girl I fell in love (can’t believe I said the “L” word!) with is have no chances to be graduated to the next level he he, my thanks a lot my sub-conscious

Of course all my friend and acquaintances thinks I’m crazy, childish an outrageous, also charming as hell (OK I add the last part) but I guess that’s my personality he he. My friend says I should act my age, what’s my age again? 27 are the new 17 and live my life the way I want it hell yeah!!!!

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