Toy Fair 7th Edition! Yeah Baby Yeah!!!

This month at 12th and 13th of March 2011, the 7th edition of Toy Fair will be held. Get ready for some major loss of income and many sleepless night cuz U don’t have enough resource to buy that figure U want he he. Let the picture sez it all

Who the hell is that cute girl?


Here’s the rundown of the show :


Do come to the geek convention and see how many great, cool and awesome nerds and geeks are actually (and don’t forget to buy some toys for the loved one).


PS : I hope Marvel Universe wave 13 is already out and being shown there, finally Scott Summer got the decent respect he actually deserves from the first place, yeah!!!!!!

That Cyclops will be mine! That's a promise

BTW : Seriously, who the hell is that cute girl anyway?


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