First Time To A Bar?

Peter Parker A.K.A. Spiderman (PP), Steve Rogers A.K.A. Captain America (SR) and Anthony Stark A.K.A. Iron Man (AS) is doing undercover ops in Britain. They decided that the most efficient way to gain information is to strike at the “bottom “of England (pun intended), and straight to the heart of criminal area in SOHO (“Ruby SOHO by Rancid is playing as the background music ^_^). They decided to came to an Irish Pub and ask some random bystander in hope they got some bones to pick.


AS       :  Remember boys, we’re undercover, don’t reveal you’re true identity in public especially in the enemy zone we’re about to enter.

SR       :  Don’t worry Tony, it’s not my first espionage action

AS       :  I’m not worry ‘bout U Steve, It’s him (pointing to PP).

PP        :  Me? C’mon! Just cuz I never been into military and all that covert thing, doesn’t mean I’m a rookie or something. Remember I manage to conceal my identity as Spiderman, even to my closest relative for years? I’m a semi-pro here guys (though honestly this is his first time to a bar).

AS       :  Hope U’re right Pete. (While crossing his finger)

SR       :  OK Guys, let’s enter the bar

AS       :  Don’t forget, since we low on budget, just try to drink some generic beer or something. Don’t bother the fancy one

Yep, here goes nothing


(Squeek) the door open and they saw a bar full of low life and scum of the earth, if there’s a God and he is willing to put down some judgment, this will be the point of the impact.


Hot Damn!!

The only good thing there is the bartender, a hot-smokin’ woman (Black Canary ripped straight from DC universe cuz I can’t find a suitable bartender in Marvel Universe ^_^). Of course, as a normal guy (pimped with extra hormones and in the prime of adolescent and of course already legal to do coitus or get “some”, or any other variation of kinky things U know) rather than asking some information from ugly thugs, better ask the lovely bartender right? So they came straight to the lovely bartender (LB).


LB       :  So, what it will be gentlemen? What can I do to “satisfied” U guys? (With some arousing attitude that makes the 3 gentlemen clearing their throat) Anything fancy or cute?

AS       :  (Try so hard to stay cool) Jack Daniels baby, single.

LB       :  OK, and U gorgeous hunk? (Pointing out Captain America)

SR       :  Johnny Walker, single Miss

LB       :  Nice, and what ‘bout U home-boy

PP        :  (Thinks to himself, “I didn’t know that U need to tell who U R just to order a drink. Hell, be cool and mention a name that both cool and normal”) Daniel Stewart, and unfortunately, I am married babe (Winking and then walking away thinking, “Damn! U’re the coolest cat in Town Parker”)

Others  :  ????????????


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