Leftover from The Toyfair

Highlight of last week obviously is Toyfair that was held at 12th and 13th of March on Balai Kartini – Kartika Expo. Well, Toyfair is always held twice or thrice each year but this time is kinda different cuz this time the cosplay contest usually never a crowd-stopper or highlight of the show, but this time Linda Le is invited to become judges of cosplay contest (incase U didn’t know, she’s a pro cosplayer who became model for her hobby, oh and she is smokin’ hot, cute, pretty, adorable, and to icing the cake, a gamer and full fledged otaku!!!!).

I think this is the biggest Toyfair yet, and the committee confirms it when they open the show (I came at the opening and the closing ceremony). It sure nice to see people with interest, taste and minds alike gathering together to celebrate what common people considers at kitsch or waste of time. If there’s a nirvana this is Nerd-vana, this is our hall of Valhalla where only the bravest warriors reside in the afterlife (OK, waaaay exaggerated but I just can’t help the excitement of it).

Let the picture tells it all then, first there’s always @$$hole that only bring stuff that not for sale but they just put in on display just to makes other drooling in envy (most common reason is they put the price so high that it seems they are crazy or don’t need money in the first place or only crazy-obnoxious guy who will buy it or we must buy the whole package not just one figure cuz they can’t bear to see his collection “incomplete”, and this is not gashapon I’m talkin’ about. Screw U people!).

This carnage only sold if U bought the whole collection which is 2.7 Million Rupiah!?
Actual limited movie props from Marvel movie. U can see but U can’t touch

There’s also designer toys which is not available everywhere else but here (or direct order). Most are our local Indonesian Heroes, which is awesome but some of our heroes are actually rip-off from DC Superhero or the figure base or template is from Marvel figure that was customed (still so freakin’ awesome though).

Pandawa 5 from Mahabarata. U can tell the base figure is from Marvel figure if U knew toys
Carok and Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu (the blind from ghost cave) statue. Local heroes and it’s awesome!
Gatot Kaca, Hanoman and Rahwana. Straight from WAYANG MYTHOLOGY!

Bung Karno, 1st President of Indonesia
Someone shares his/her hatred for Sissy-man like I do ^_^
From Superman FAN OF Indonesia stand, a scale 1:1 Sissy-man
Believe it or not, these are paper guys. Awesome showcase
Lego exhibition and contest
Lego exhibition collaborating with Starwars fans from Indonesia
Military enthusiast
Stick to the character even in the bathroom
SEXY 2 da max












What sets these toyfair is the sheer competition of cosplay just like I said earlier that Linda Le was invited and she came with Ms. Marvel costume (hot-damn!) she literally blow the whole place when she was introduced in the stage as one of the judges. This year also show the sign of western uprising in cosplay, besides Linda Le, There’s one guy who COSPLAY AS Venom and he is AWESOME!!

In my personal opinion, this is the best cosplay!

Oh, and also there’s a contest for original costume and when the guy dresses as Garuda (though kinda reminiscing mecha-Godzilla) enter the stage, our nationality hits stratosphere.

To sum it all, the best Toyfair yet, if U didn’t come, well bite U’r tounge and hope next toyfair could topple or at least as cool as this!


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