Maybe I Didn’t Hate My Job After all

Nice title for a movie

“Work is about a search for daily meaning as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as cash, for astonishment rather than torpor; in short, for a sort of life rather than a Monday through Friday sort of dying.”

Studs Terkel, author & broadcaster


I bet rubble to a Dollar that most, if not all of us, hates our job. It maybe not scientific, but statistically speaking and just like scoreboard on sport game, the chart did not lie, never did, never were and the people has spoken that majority of us hates our job for so many reason and in so many different level.


Come to think of it, I never was such a weekender till I’ve become corporate robot & slave to the wage. Then I cherished weekend as if it’s some rare occasion that must be celebrated, as an escapee from daily routine, from dead-line, from hectic of job desk, from everything. That exact moment I knew that something is very wrong and I knew the reason is that I hate my job.


Sometimes our life are defines by our job. If U are working as a PR, then most people will notice U as a friendly and warm people and if U are a loan shark, easy guess U’re an @$$hole or if U’re jobless than U’re useless or good for nothing. So, I’m a human resources clerk, (is this why I’m a jerk? OK not funny) what does it defines me? Who am I? What kind of people I am? And if my job defines who I am, why am I hates my job?


Is it true that we all (just to make it more obvious on the topic) hate our job? Cuz I knew some people who makes their hobby as a job and they are happy cuz they didn’t considered it as a job (my colleague somehow make some dumb theory that we shall never made our hobby as a job cuz we will ended up hating it) or most workaholic that their life is define by their job. Maybe the reason we hate our job is cuz it became routine and boring.


To try to answer this I should find out why am I bother to go to work from the first time anyway? Most obvious answer is for the money (money is not everything, but everything needs money and if someone says otherwise either s/he is a hypocrite or just plain stupid) and what comes as answer is depends on how we value life.


Yes, maybe money comes as the first obvious reason, but if we look deeper beyond the obligation to paid bills or in order to give our family a decent living, lies some benevolence, some sacrifice that we made, something that drives us to go to work, even if we loathe, despise and fed with our job, which is in the most primitive way is our basic instinct in order to survive and to be more advanced and noble, to give a better tomorrow for our self and our loved ones.


Or if we prefer to sophisticated, some of us doing our job for some self esteem, to dignify ours elf among others, to prove that we are better than others (if we have an excellent or dream job that only few can achieved) or to be more spiritual, as token of gratitude to our environment, to our neighborhood, our contribution for everyone in this planet (sounds like $hit I know, but it is one of the reason).


So, looking as me as some guinea pig. I hate my job, I hate my boss, I loathe my wage (I know it’s not small or little, but I felt like working on minimum wage here!), why does I even bother to do my job (not even half a$$ed!)? Did the fact that I’m working as an HR have something to do with it?


As an HR, I obliged to meet new faces, which is fun and not in the same time, especially if the new recruit is beautiful ^_^, my “side” job or some errands is very varied that somehow I lost track of my main job. And come to think of it, even though I lack of praise, encouragement, or respect from my boss, I got it from people that I met and help and it’s makes all worth while.


I love how thankful people when “we” succeeded, or how they share the devastation when they failed. I love to hear how people tell their background and interest. Even I met my “crush” cuz of this job that I loathed. Maybe I am contributing something to neighborhood and around me in form of some job opprtunity. And yes, almost everyday I hope that my “crush” calls me (which unfortunately not, she only calls me if she needs some information regarding her needs ^_^ nevertheless I enjoys it. Every nano-seconds of it! Imagine how happy I am when she calls ha ha ha ha).


Maybe, just like everything in life, we need to look deeper, from the surface to its core to understand the real value, the real beauty of things enen though beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. We don’t have standard of happiness and hate is a strong word that I think we shouldn’t use it in vain. DAMN! Maybe I’m not hates my job after all (OK, I just really, really don’t like it ^_^). How come just simple thankful gesture and one pretty woman could change my point of view? How shallow I am ha ha ha

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