Big Casino

I’ll accept with poise, with grace

When they draw my name from the lottery and they’ll say :

“all the salt in the world couldn’t melt that ice”

I’m the one who gets away

I’m a new jersey success story and they’ll say :

“lord give me a chance to shake that hand!”

“Big Casino”, Jimmy Eat World


I just had some weird revelation, or maybe it was just a dream but it really intrigued me, I was on a casino and somehow I knew that we all are chronic gambler (maybe this is just some way on my sub-conscious to deny myself as an addict to the term gambling).  I know most of us when were mentioned the word “gambler” we will have the image of some guy in tuxedo and doing poker or black jack or other thing used to do in casino, but what I had in mind is something totally different.


What is gambling, or what is gamble? According to wikipedia Gambling ( is the wagering of money or something of material value (referred to as “the stakes”) on an event with an uncertain outcome with the primary intent of winning additional money and/or material goods, but to me gamble is not always about money or material goods, but taken everything for granted, live in the fast lane and no idea of tomorrow is also gambling if U ask me.

Gambling, a human nature I geuss


With that train of thought, I conclude that we all are gambler since the day we were born, even before we were even born. Just say when our parents conduct an intercourse, our dad release like millions of sperm cell (this is biology so don’t think this is porn stuff or something) and all of it is on the race to the finish goal which is mother’s ovum. Of all the millions, there can be only one sperm cell that will win and get the chance to hit the jackpot which is the fruition of the baby in the womb. I know it sounds crazy but maybe if it’s the other sperm cell that won the race, we won’t be what we are today, maybe physically still the same but the personality is change or vice versa or something in between I don’t know this is just some crazy idea of mine. Bottom-line, when we was born, we were born a champion, a winner among other millions (and if we are a loser at the moment, blame it on the world, blame other and also blame U’rself cuz we were once a champion!!!).


What’s the odd of us to be born? 1 to Millions, that’s like gambling right? Every time we do things, we also gambling, even if we deny it with saying we use careful decision, or pray to God before we do things. Mostly we speculated, some will justifies themselves with doing an effort then leaves all to God (which is also gambling cuz we never know if God will grant our wish or not). If U asks me, every action that has two or more possibility is gambling. Maybe U thinking of skipping works or not (with all the outcome possibilities and pros and cons) that’s gambling. Maybe U decided to go out or not, that’s gambling.


Some of us are born "lucky"

We all are gambler and this world is a big casino. Everything only has 3 possibilities, win, lose or draw. God is the dealer and we all tag along in the game. And just like a game of cards, not all of us were dealt with a good card such as full house. Most of us were dealt with a so-so card, if we were lucky, maybe we are jack of all trades (but master of none, which in some way is better than nothing). So few and rare that people are granted or dealt with a winner card, most of us must deal and accept what has been given to us as a default (our first deck of card that we receive the first time we crawl in this $hit-hole).


I'm outta here!!

And just like true gambling it self, sometimes we just can’t help our self but to go with the flow of the game even knowing that we don’t have chance from the start. The faith or hope that somehow we have the slightest chance is good enough to drive us into the game or the illusion of grandeur is to attempting maybe? So I think that we all are gambler, but just like playing games of card. No matter what kind of card that was dealt to us, it depends solely on our self whether to play or not in the game cuz at the very least it’s our life to begin with anyway, if U don’t happy with U’r life, well U just can commit suicide right?


PS : We all looking for a better tomorrow or probably paradise right? Paradise does sounds like pair-of-dice. Yep, it’s official we all gambler and live in big casino he he

Paradise = pair of dice?

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