New Found Obsession

The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do

Andy Warhol


So, I finally bought my self a camera, a real one (though not DSLR, but PEN a hybrid camera from Olympus). Wow, I just bust out my cold hard cash for a camera rather than PS3, is it means that I gave up myself as a gamer? Need further examination to decides that thing, carry on.

New fans of this product now

I bought this baby not cuz it’s the best or cheapest or other tech savvy reasons, it’s sentimental reason cuz I love the looks of old skool camera it has (and the fact that the lovely Ms. Zivana Letisha endorse it helps, a lot ^_^).


Well, I always have soft spot for photo, especially since I’m a comic fan-boy it obvious that I love graphic. So I think rather than cashed out on PS3, maybe camera will have more lasting use (wait PS3, I’ll bought U someday, that’s a promise!).


So, here’s some of my well not to be bragging, since it’s not that good anyway, my labor of love with my PEN and I don’t even edit this picture (just resized it, this camera is FUN) :


Her name is Mona, actually, this oriental type is my favorite so I shot lots of her picture ^_^





This one is Maya, maybe cuz not my type so I just get one shot of her that decent enough


This one is Vigi or Visi, maybe I’m to astounded that my hearing is become deaf I became dumb at that moment he he





Hope I could improve my skill and bring better picture, but I guess I really enjoys this new found obsession of mind. Gotta snap them all!


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