Slice of Life : Jimmy Eat World

What’s make a music, or to be specific, a band stands out among the crowds? What’s make them so special in our heart? The answer is purely subjective, just like the old saying goes, “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” so does what’s good or bad, different and unique to each individuals. Some people would satisfy with pop (even the bubblegum or cheesy pop) while some would requires a great or sophisticated song arrangement for a song in order to be deem “good”.

Follow that train or thought, I dare to say there’s only a handful band, musician, song or any kind of music that share’s my very personal and private life, my slice of life, and if U ask me who is U’r heroes in music, the most artist that came only these three : Sting (ex-vocalist of The Police), Jimmy Eat World and Andrew McMahon (vocalist of two of my favorite band : Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin).

And U know what? My wildest dream come true (one of many of them though, cuz my wildest dream consist of getting “some” with Kiera Knightley, Minka Kelly, video game, action figures, etc) cuz Jimmy Eat World will do a concert at 3rd of April 2011 in Jakarta!!! And of course I already got the pre-sale ticket.

Early bird ticket baby!
So-So movie, awesome OST

But most of U probably didn’t know or didn’t care who the hell is Jimmy Eat World (let’s just called it JEW from now on, I know, intriguing eh? JEW he he). Well, to make it simple (and since I already attach their link)  they are being classified as the so-called “emo” genre form USA. I first heard them from OST Never Been Kissed back in 1998, which featuring their song “Lucky Denver Mint” (the film is so-so but that soundtrack really hits the spot). Then the rest is history, I became their fan and almost collect every album they produced.

I mentioned before that only a handful band, musician, song or any kind of music that share’s my very personal and private life, my slice of life and JEW is one of them. Maybe they didn’t produce greatest song by international standard, maybe some people will see “emo” as whiny boy who try so hard to be tough (though I prefer to categorize them as indie rock) or the arrangement is not special but I don’t care!

Maybe for some people good lyric is that talks about the truth of the world, war wound, genocide, social issue (wow most of them are negative eh?) while for me good lyric is what is close and I can relate to, though the negative thing I mention before also includes in my category, and JEW is one of those band that somehow makes me feel that I have something that I can relate to, a friend to share my closest personal intimate feeling (sounds so gay I know ^_^). And to make it more compelling, they also have quite an easy listening tune (don’t judge easy listening as a bad product, it is hard to create “easy listening” tune that majority love U know) and the lyric, oh don’t make me start to praising the lyric, I think there’s should be a parental warning that people who is broken hearted should avoid them (they really makes it good and hit the spot).

one of the best album EVER!

To make it more viable to everyone, I tried to recommended JEW album to be listened (or download, but please endorse and support musician who kickin’ themselves to survive in this crazy world guys. Show some respect). First my personal favorite album, which is “Clarity”. I know if U look at the lyric, it’s probably only consist one or couple of sentences. But the music, the ambience it really makes the whole album perfect and makes the lyric so honest, so frustrating, so painful, so beautiful, this is Jim Adkins at his best (JEW vocalist if U don’t know). Check “Just Watch the Fireworks”, “For Me This Is Heaven” or the anthem 16 minutes songs “Goodbye Sky Harbor” even the protest against how rapidly song rotated just like commodity rather than art, especially in radio in “Your New Asthetic”. An album that tell a story about coming of age, love (the hurt part) and music. A splendor that needed to be heard by everyone. Probably one of the bset album in my personal opinion.

Everyone favorite

Then the everyone favorite that makes JEW a household name in “emo” genre “Bleed American” (the album name is changed into self titled, that makes everyone think that this is their debut album, due to the 9-11 in order to respect the victim of that event). This album consist of the sing-along track “The Sweetness” which makes everyone screams “if U listening…..Ooooo.ooooo.oooo” or the song to cheer up your day “The Middle” and of course my personal favorite “If U don’t Don’t” a great song about how a girl shouldn’t give us hope in the first place if they never really into us in the first place. If U look at blog or comments from people, this positive album really saves someone life out there, even a friend of mine said her life is saved by JEW and she canceled her suicidal urge because this album. Really, this is a safe bet. A radio friendly, easy listening and good album nonetheless.

Hell, I could write all day about them, bottomline, if u have the time, and money, do catch their performance at 3rd of April 2011 in Jakarta!!!!

See and U'll know I'm such a big fan of them

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