Jimmy Eat World Live at Jakarta (Finally)

I’m on my feet, I’m on the floor I’m good to go.

So come on Davey sing something that I know.

I wanna always feel like part of this was mine. I wanna fall in love tonight

“Praise Chorus”-Jimmy Eat World, who else!!!!!

OK, I should’ve wrote this earlier, but I really got caught up with my stupid job and others idiotic errands but here I am, reviewing one of my to do list before I die check list, watch JEW before I die (hopefully I could watch Andrew McMahon and Sting before I die).

Just like I write before about Jimmy Eat World (JEW) live at Jakarta, finally!!!!! I watched them live and it’s AWESOME with capital word all over it!!!! U maybe wondering what the fuzz is this kid is talking about? Why he is so excited over some concert?

Well, I honestly don’t think they will make it in the first place (since ”emo” is already passé and I still remembered when Taking Back Sunday gig was canceled without further information and everyone deduced cuz the ticket sold poorly). Another indicator is the fact that the gig was relocated from Tennis Indoor Senayan (usual place for gig) to a smaller venue in Nusa Indah Theatre at Balai Kartini convention center (Rock music with chairs, what a bad combination), even the promoter called all the guys who bought the pre-sale ticket asking whether they want a refund or not. Of course I was pessimistic (though I am a pessimistic person from the first time but still…)

Hence, when D-day come I was ecstatic that finally I could watch them live (& loud) and all my worries away cuz with smaller venue means only handful of people (approximately the room could only hold 500 people or so) who are true JEW fan that watch them (though demographically I still astounded by many teenager is becoming fan of JEW, and they actually knew the lyric and appreciate it!!!). And the sound system is also KICK ASS!!! Every beat, every sing along is perfect! This is a concert at its best (still the chair is annoying).

Small venue means intimate gig!!!

JEW is scheduled to start at 20:00 with no opening act hence approximately the show will ended at 22:00 (kinda tame for rock concert that usually ended after midnight) but come to think of it, JEW is family friendly cuz the lyric is never consist of explicit or foul language-lyric and the guys are looks like a really friendly guys next door type. And to make it more indie feel, though this I kinda weird for international artist, they don’t even have backdrop or extra screen (due to the size of the theatre). But who cares! This is JEW we talking about!

When the show kick start, everyone (and I don’t exaggerated it, everyone as in the whole theatre everyone) standing and ran to the stage fence (except for the guys who bought the upper tribune ticket) and the sing along choir began (kinda felt sorry for the chair and those who buy the upper ticket tribune he he)!!! The sound system is superb while the lighting is decent but what matter most is the music, this is what we all cashing in the first place.

Sorry for the bad photo cuz my lovely PEN camera is being confiscated due to the no camera-no food & drink-no smoking policy (so I have to make it with my entrust cell phone camera). Thanks for every other guys who recorded the video that I linked (kudos!) I really loves to treasure this moment!

Jim Adkins rocks!!!
Rick Burch the bass player (he gave me his pick after the show!!!!!)
Just play along with my Cell phone-lomo effect

I mentioned before that most of the fan are teenagers, so I concluded that this is JEW fan circa and post Bleed American (justified that they are sing along on every track from those album but kinda astounded to hear the pre Bleed American album), and the highlight for me is when we all sing along when 23 was being played, I almost cried when we all screams the refrain : “you sit alone forever, if you wait for the right time / what are you hoping for / I’m here, I’m now I’m ready…holding on tight / don’t give away the end / one thing that stays mine” damn! I still feel a bit Goosebumps every time I remembered it! As it feels that we are a family, a unit, a part of something or in the most lesser way, we all share the same interest and we all enjoys and celebrates it like no tomorrow!

Of course JEW also played couple of song from my favorite album Clarity, they played For Me This Is Heaven, Lucky Denver Mint, they even played Blister (where the vocal section was given to their guitarist Tom Linton) and to my surprises they played the 16 minutes anthem Goodbye Sky Harbor (hope the newbie digs that coming of age song the way I fell in love with it). Oh, and that 16 minutes song (though they kinda cut the duration of the song) is the last song before they take a short break before the routine encore session of every concert. This will be perfect if they also played Just Watch The Firework ^_^

The encore is the new track Invented then barrage by The Middle and everyone favorite The Sweetness (the crowd really went wild and I was kinda hoping that we could bringing down the theatre and let everyone knows “Are you listening Ooo Oooo….” Could not ask for more but hope that they could visit us again. Guess my expectation (though not high) has been granted, AWESOME concert! Till then I played the song Just Watch The FireworkI promise I’d see it again, I’d promise I’d see it with you now….”

The Pick that Rick Burch gave to me...COOL!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Jimmy Eat World Live at Jakarta (Finally)

    • Wow, thnx 4 da offer dude. I don’t know, maybe I was too pessimist for this kinda offer. Sounds too good2 be true.

      Thnx anyway

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