Deathstroke The Terminator !!!

Deathstroke = Bad@$$

So, I know that this is not a new figure (it’s rather old, this was released back at 2010) but I just discover how awesome this DC Infinite Heroes figure is, even compared to the more robust and more awesome Marvel Universe figure (DC Infinite Heroes 3.75 inch line is inferior by any other 3.75 figure line such as G.I. Joe or the mentioned previous Marvel Universe figure due to the lack of articulation, paint issue and they even smaller than any 3.75 inch line available). According to me, this is my best DC Infinite Heroes figure so far!

So, the character is Deathstroke the Terminator alias Slade Wilson, mercenary, super-villain (sometimes super heroes) and most notably as enemy to Teen Titans (it took all of the Titans to bring this baby down). If U want to know how bad-@$$ this guy is, read the acknowledged, the critically acclaimed “Identity Crisis” where Deathstroke single-handedly almost beat the Justice League (consist of Elongated Man, The Flash, Black Canary, Zattana, Green Arrow and Hawk Man).

Awesome figure

Back to the figure, I already mentioned the poor paint job on DC Infinite Heroes, but this figure is stands out among the rest (maybe this quality could be found on Hawk Man figure, which I didn’t have due to the 3-pack bang-busting price tag). I mean look at the detail! This is good!

Check the deatils and nice paint job
This ain't accesories, believe it

Articulation? Well, though it’s not as articulated as Marvel Universe or G.I. Joe, this baby still can handle quite a posse. Maybe the fact that he didn’t have a chest or torso, also no hinge in the leg articulation, lack of accessories (which is none, just like any other DC figure) kinda annoying, unless U think some stupid brooch or pin is an accessories than U’re in for a treat ^_^) this baby still looks good nonetheless.

Smaller than other 3.75 fig

If there’s a complaint probably about the size or scale, which is also happens to every DC Infinite Heroes line cuz as 3.75 inch figure, DC figure is smaller in comparison with Marvel Universe or G.I. Joe. It’s a small thing but really nauseating when U want to make a fight scene between DC and Marvel.

But overall, this figure is worth every cold-hard-cash-every-God-damn-penny-U-earn. Yep, this baby is one Awesome (with capital A) figure that really capture the bad@$$ vibe of Deathstroke. Check it out if U could find this baby.

Street Fighter wannabe

BTW, for his bad@$$-tude this guy really gets a “tribute” by Marvel comic. Marvel create Deadpool as some spoof, but somehow along the way Deadpool A.K.A Wade Wilson (realize the pun that was intended?) also a mercenary “merc with mouth” a psychotic (in the same level as Joker) with healing factor that makes Wolverine is a cry baby in comparison. Deadpool become so popular he got his own comic-line, even a movie (rumor has it that Ryan Reynold will still be the merc with mouth!) Sadly, early bird doesn’t get all the worms or has the last laugh.

Deadpool gonna regret that ^_^
Told ya he he


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