Maximum Carnage!!!!!!!!

I mean, order’s just a lie, right? Built on fantasies… like law, an’ morals! I remember when I first realized that! How without those illusions, I could do anything! Up to an’ includin’ murder! Man, I never felt so free! An’ once I help the rest o’ this planet catch on… oh wow. Blood an’ glory!

Cletus Kasady A.K.A. Carnage

Finally my purchased order Monster Claw Carnage 3.75 figure finally arrived at 12th of April 2011, courtesy of nice guy named David from Death by Venom (you can find the nice guy on facebook by the way). So, did this figure really worth the admission so I ordered it straight from foreign country? First impression when I saw this figure is HOT DAMN!! (U could figure the rest of this stupid blog by that words ^_^).

Well, the reason why I don’t post this earlier is cuz I’m busy with my darn job, also playing with this figure play make believe battle between Carnage versus my other figures. But better late than never, right? Oh, also this is an old figure that came out circa 2010 so I guess I’m just try to justify to spend my cold hard cash on this figure but who cares! This figure is very astonishingly nice, well sculpt and well paint.

So, as I mentioned before, this figure is well paint (the fact that Carnage is a creature with raw meat-like skin and black vines makes it somehow hard to spot some paint fault here. Articulation, well, this figure is nice, though he didn’t have upper torso or his head can’t look up or down, but his kinda hunch-back position really puts this menacing figure ready to go toe to toe with his opponent.

And the size of this figure, his scale, is fits right with other 3.75 figure (unlike DC 3.75 figure that were smaller compared to the other 3.75 figure). What’s bothering me about collecting 3.75 figure is the different scale between figure, even if the figure were made by same manufacturer, sometimes when the figure were compared side by side, U will notice the difference and the awkwardness. But this baby fits right into party, so it’s a plus.

See the strange out of proportion scale here?

Another plus, unlike DC counterpart, Marvel is known to have an accessory / accessories for their figure, even if it’s just an useless standing point, but still not as awesome as G.I. Joe figure though. And Carnage came with monster claw and axe? Strange I know, but Carnage is well known for it’s ability to shape shift and use his shifting figure as a weapon, e.g. projectile, axe, sword, etc so this accessories is quite make sense (though even without accessories this is still one hell of a figure).

New York Axe Massacre

Afterthought, this is one hell of a figure, and this arachnid makes me want to hunt Stretch Strike Venom to complete my Marvel arachnid family (hell! Maybe I have to buy the McGargan venom also just to complete my obsession, at least I can pretend that the symbiote suit Spiderman as Toxin ^_^). If U found this baby, don’t hesitate to buy it. U won’t be disappointed, at least I’m not he he.

Marvel arachnid

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