Scary Story

Have U ever placed in the scenario where without any warning U get a Goosebumps or scared for no reason whatsoever? Indonesian people just like our other Asian brother and sister really into mystic and superstitious and almost every aspect of our life has that degree of scary story. And recently I encounter one of these peculiar situations.

When I was small, I was bitten by a dog and since then I have some sort of

Now I want this baby!
phobia for them. But I learn from Batman that the only way to handle our fear is to face them. So I did and when I went to college I stayed at boarding house that has dog and I success, in some degree to conquer my fear.

But I also have other phobia, transsexual and other variant of it, including gay or guy with “feminine” attitude (lesbian I could handle cuz somehow I gave my utmost respect for woman or female. No matter what kind of it). I don’t know where do these phobia came from, but I have some sort of “spider sense” (that radar from Spiderman that tingling whenever danger lurking around the corner). I have that radar thing installed within me and I could sense if that “sexually strayed individual” around, I get freak out and Goosebumps. Not that I hate them (hate is a strong word), but I do really-really don’t like them (they freaked me out for no reason whatsoever). Though I have a gay friend, but if they don’t make an advance move on me I could accept them the way I do with my gay friend (which actually are friend in any situation).

First indication but I ignore it
So far the ride is fine. But then on 2nd floor the lift stop. It’s the board of director floor so I guess whatever comes out of it probably just some high official but instead… (Dramatic pause here ^_^) entering to the elevator is one of those certain individual that gave me Goosebumps (though he is a high official). U knows that type of guy who works on girl salon that has “feminine” attitude and girly body language? That is how this scary creature is (I don’t have the picture cuz I was too scared at that time). I just stood in the corner keeping some safe distance from this vile creature.

Then HE SPOKE THE WORD THAT LIKE HAS THE MOST INTERPRETEDLY OPEN IN THE HISTORY OF EVER! He asks “Gay?” (With that scary accent straight like every transsexual who works in salon) at me. And I was like WHAT? Did he actually ask me whether I’m gay or not? All scenarios from best to worse are running in my twisted mind, like “what if I said not and he were offended and I get mutation straight out of civilization (sounds like syphilis at that time)? Or if I said yes will he just jumped at me and raped me? What will happen to my virgin @$$? Or if I said yes will I get promotion?” while other sick and twisted things running through my head.

Than a ray of light suddenly appear, ascending from the ashes of the darkness, which somehow come from the mouth of that scary creature himself (apparently, a truth is a truth, even if it comes from horses mouth ^_^). He reconfirmed that scary question, “Are you going to the ground?” and I just nodding quickly like hell (he said “G” for ground but the way he asks really terrifying and scary as hell, to me at least).

Then maybe just for the sake of the conversation or that vile creature just try to be friendly, he asks “From which Directorate are you young man?” (Still with that scary accent) and I try so hard, just like try to say I really like or love the girl that I adored I said “From Technology & Operations sir” (success at maintain the no-shaky figure). Then he replied, “Ooh, you are top indeed!” (Technology & Operations is known as TOP directorate) again with that scary accent. Of course I was freaked out just like some dude try to save his life when the airplane is crashing Bermuda Triangle and I know I’m not a religious guy but I pray to God that this torment would ends and brand new day will come forth and deliver me to the brink of deliverance, than somehow all my prays was answered, the lift door open and that vile creature went away with that sick “ta-ta”.

And I was like, you know when someone finishes the race or probably having orgasm that U feel paralyzed or almost fainted moment. Ha ha, I never felt so alive ha ha ha. Damn that was like the scariest moment in my life. And somehow after survived that incident I become a little more religious he he.


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