Traveling Incognito

So, last week was a long weekend and it’s obvious that most of us has an idea

I only brought one bag with no preparation ha ha. Hardcore yeah!

of how to waste our weekend (and hopefully get wasted in the process ^_^). Since I have no idea, besides the obvious errands to be my family chauffeur in Easter, I decided to took my friend offer to spend my left over salary on a trip to “Pulau Seribu” or in English Thousand Islands (kinda like the sauce I know). And it’s kinda exciting cuz I didn’t know who I travel with or even the organizer reputation, really kinda emulate the backpacking experience he he. Really, this is where the point I realize my auntie was right that I love traveling incognito. Journey to nowhere, in search of nothing, no pads, no helmet just balls ha ha.

Our ride

For 450 K Rupiah I already got full accommodation, include transport, food and snorkeling for 2 days (22nd to 23rdof April), kinda awesome if U ask me. But don’t get cocky, this is a backpacking experience so don’t expect some classy and comfy ride. So I went to the rendezvous point in the middle of the morning 04:30 at McDonald Tebet and we rented a Metromini (how hardcore this can be huh?) to

Full loaded

Muara Angke port and since this is a long weekend, so I don’t get surprise to see like minded people (there’s like gazillion of backpacker who also went to Pulau Seribu.

What’s best about went on a trip like this? If U asks me are the uncertainty and the compliment in form of package deal trip-mate (which we never knew how or who they are). Well, fortunately, even though my trip-mate is really random, consist of 12 guys ranging from youth, kids (9 year old), couple of wife and husband and 3 guides; my trip-mate is awesome!

Since the trip from Angke port to destination island approximately is more

Old in the street

than 2 hour most of us know that in order to get Pulau Seribu experience, which requires islands hopping (though the name thousand islands is exaggerating, but yes there are probably hundreds or even thousand islands there), will take most of our time on the road (in sea to be more proper) and the term “tua di jalan” or old on the street is really applied here.

We really do island hopping, for eat we went to Pulau karya, to do “Sholat Jum’at” or the Friday Prayer we went o other island (I forgot). Even before we reach Pulau Pramuka we transit in Pulau Bira. To snorkel we go to near Pulau Sepa (it’s a private island so kinda hard to get there) and man, I really do forget how many island we hopped. This is insane! And cool at the same time he he.

Oh, just a warning, in Pulau Seribu all the electricity is out, no electricity

All U can rent

during the day(none, not available, zipped, or any other variation of it) from 7 in the morning till 6 in the evening, due to the lack of power plant (they still using solar, the fuel kind, powered generator). So do save the energy of your gadget. And funny thing is, when blackout happening we all guess that the entire

Felt like sardine

backpacker tourist is charging or using any other electronic gadget that sucks out the power and we all blame our self and the laughing riot starts ha ha ha. Oh and U gotta improvise about the sleeping position, I’m quite lucky to sleep at the couch, some of us sleep on the floor and kitchen ha ha.

Oh, and bout the place to stay, if U’re not the rich tourist, U most likely stay at the villager or fisherman house, which almost all the house in the Pramuka

No fancy meal here

Island (the biggest island for public) is available for some temporary inn. If lucky, U gets a house with air-con. And for the food, if U didn’t have any allergic with fish, U’re in for a treat, cuz we eat fish everyday, along with sea and water, I probably gonna fed up with those things he he.

So, the main course is snorkeling, and to be honest, I never snorkel before. So I just think that this is gonna be my first time and I do it in the ocean not a pond or swimming pool ha ha, how cool is that (or maybe plain stupid I don’t know)! So, majority of my trip-mate also never went to snorkeling before, with the

This beauty kiss all the pain away

exception of Aryo and Rafa, so in day 1 we all snorkeling in the quite shallow water. We all equipped with Snorkel, fin and life vest. And to sum it all, we all, with the exception those two, sucks at snorkeling. It’s hard to breath through mouth. So, me personally I just held and kept my breath for a couple of minute while snorkeling and it’s so damn hard and tiring! And to make it worse, we had jelly fish accident where one our trip-mate accidentally killed a jelly fish then suddenly we got a barrage of angry jelly fish do an onslaught to us that makes us hopping to another island (cool though ^_^). After the days are over, all of us are exhausted to death and sleep all night. Tomorrow will be a walk in the park since the agenda is playing on the beach at Pulau Semak Daun and looking at turtle reservation.

Well, the next day the guide, Ms Chika ask whether I still interested in doing snorkeling, since according to her that me, Aryo and Rafa is the most enthusiast we could go snorkeling again without no extra charge but we have to change trip-mate (though in the end we will meet again when we take the boat home). Since I was so sucks (and still sucks right now) at snorkeling, I encourage myself to try again. But of course, as the old saying goes, “there’s no free lunch”, there’s a catch here. We don’t get life vest, only fin and the snorkel and to make it more hard-core, the group that we crashed in is a pro snorkel! Instead in the shallow water, we are snorkeling at the ocean, the middle of it! Imagine how hard to do it, so I just snorkeling around the boat so when I ran out of air I could hold on to the boat. To add the sucker punch, all of us having a hard time cuz the current was so strong that all of us almost wiped out, oh don’t forget the jellyfish again ha ha.

Beautiful. The picture don't serves it right

But after all that, the scenery was so awesome, so beautiful. It’s like serenity on a motion or some sort. The view makes all the effort paid off, all the pain was worth. Maybe I will do this thing again in the future. And yes, traveling incognito is really one of my traits, especially as scorpio. Journey to nowhere, in search of nothing, no pads, no helmet just balls and most of u will think “How air-head this kid can be?” but I guess it’s all just the state of mind. Only the curious will find something to find and if U expect nothing, the best scenario is U find something, but if U expect something, U’ll most likely found everything!