If It Means To You, It Means A Lot pt. 2

Last week, almost everyone was taken’ by storm about the “royal wedding” of Prince William and Kate Middleton or this week, the news about Osama was shot dead in the head that “frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn” and I decided to just watch a DVD rather than those news. And since recently I watch 2 documentary movie-DVD Dear jack and Justin Bieber : Never Say Never, rather than that “royal boredom”, somehow it crossed my mind how something was / is so important for someone but for others, it was less than a piece of trash. I guess what I wrote in my previous blog still quite a material to be given more thought into.

So, besides Dear Jack, which is kinda subjective since I’m a huge fan of Andrew McMahon so I won’t be able to give an objective review, I decided to watch Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never, I know, I know, I watched the bootleg version just out of curiosity and for the sake of the writing material since Michael Jackson documentary didn’t bring enough impact for me (wow, never knew I don’t really into wacko jacko all this year). For the record, I bought the original Dear Jack documentary cuz besides I’m a huge fan, I wanna show my support to the artist and the industry and hoping that my action will keep the industry (read : music) alive.

So, first review, Dear Jack, and like I mentioned before, since I’m a huge fan I

Give it a try, it’s good

could say that, this is a good documentary. It told a story about Andrew McMahon, singer of my favorite bands, Something Corporate and Jack’s Mannequin and the downfall when he was diagnosed with Leukemia (just when Jack’s Mannequin debut album released and gain good review and sales chart). The DVD starts with some commentary by Tommy Lee, yep, the one and the only (he gain my respect cuz he told the story so nicely and warm, just like friends that do cares about you) about how gifted Andrew is before the Leukemia hits him. What makes me like this documentary, besides the story of one of my music hero, is this is a story of ones struggle and support from everyone that cares for the guy (even from his major label, Universal that gives him support and trust to promote the album if he is in better and healthier condition!). So, final conclusion, if U R his fan, probably U gonna give this somewhere between 8 – 9 in scale 1 to 10, but even if U were just some stranger who happens to see this documentary, at the very least U give this 7.8. This is a beautiful struggling story of a man and his triumph to get back and roll on again (and no scene were edited or being dramatized to give more impact to the viewer, just pure documentary).

Quite nice actually

Next is Justin Bieber’s, what can I say, out of curiosity since this boy just held a concert at my country recently, I decided to, well what the hell maybe his documentary is something different (which is not). This documentary tell a story about Bieber and who he was, is and how in the future that we will see more of this boy (if he could maintain his hype) and the documentation of his concert at New York. Well, honestly, this documentary is more entertaining than Dear Jack’s cuz it shows the bright side and happy part of Bieber as the teenager shows the whole world how if U never gave up your dream, anything could happen (really kinda Walt Disney story eh?). So, Bieber DVD is packed with more “action”, footage and of course screaming girl / fan. I’d give this DVD 7.5, why it rate lower than Dear Jack’s? Cuz somehow all the glitter and happiness sounds too fabricated, too artificial, at least for me, I guess.

What does those 2 DVD have something in common with themes “If It Matters 2 U, It matters A Lot”? Well, after watching those 2 DVD, especially Bieber’s DVD. I just realize that what matters or important to everyone is different, just like “beauty lies in the eye of beholder” type. In Bieber’s DVD there’s a scene where a mother was being interviewed and told us that this is her daughter first concert and this concert reminds her of her first concert, which is Michael Jackson. That scene really hits right at blind side and delivers a knock-out hook at me. That very scene tells us how important, significant Justin Bieber is for them and it would be plain rude just to label them as idiot or stupid people with bad taste. For them Justin Bieber is as important as Jimmy Eat World, Andrew McMahon, Sting, video game or even religion!

Just like I mentioned before, if it’s important to you, if it’s matters to you, it matters a lot. Don’t let anyone else told U the other way, listen to your heart cuz it never lies and it will tell U what it’s right for U (even if it’s doesn’t make sense or defy logic). And in the end of the day, there will only 2 kinds of music; the good and bad music (even that’s relative, subjective and biased).

To prove that there’s only 2 kinds music, I try to hear Justin Biebers songs just to makes some solid proves on my theory and surprise-surprise, there’s actually couple of his song that I could enjoys (OK, I like it! Can I go home now?), such as : One Less Lonely Girl, Eenie Meenie, Somebody to Love and Pray (the other stuff just plain stupid and weird, at least for my taste). Will those enough to make me bought his album? Hell no, but at least I won’t make fun of people who loves him.

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