When Hero Have A Spare Time

I always wonder what kind of life super hero has. They like, have the best work in the world. They kick @$$ (literally), ignoring laws (they are above the law) and all that stuff. Sure there is up-side-down for every thing, things I notice are they, and their loved one, are target for revenge for their enemy (that’s why they conceal their identity with mask and costume) or anyone will watch all their steps, their actions (even some of us just hoping when the heroes will make some mistakes just for our entertainment).

Since my insomnia is switched on (and my friend is making me chatting with her till 01:00 in the morning then after she sleeps I still awakes) and I have nothing else to do, I just try to figure how some of our heroes spending their spare time. Hope this could be some sort of entertainment

So, super heroes has nothing to do this weekend, so this is what they do :

Superman asks Batman to go out rather than wasting his time surfing the net

Probably B-Man better jamming with Apocalypse than Sissy-man

Maybe this is what heroes do at haloween :

Or maybe heroes could do some shopping spree with abusing a little of their power

Hope this is entertaining guys ^_^


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