The Drums Live & Up Close At Jakarta!!!!

At 25th of May 2011, The Drums came to Indonesia and do some small gig (small cuz they played in a small venue at Blowfish, a place usually for clubbing). But just like I said about small gig just like in my previous blog about Jimmy Eat World, intimate and personal.

So, how are the show measures? Scale 1-10, I gave circa 8 or 9,

Small but packed music enthusiast

could be higher but The Drums only have 1 album (and couples of EP) so they could only perform about 1 hour or more per se (even after the encore). But they are a terrific live band, and the crowd also awesome. Every sound produced perfectly and the lighting is minimal but maximally amplified the ambience. The perfect combination, great band, great crowd, great music and supporting venue (though it is small).

Photo & autograph session

And the show it self really suits the title “THE DRUMS live & up close”, we accidentally met one of the member, Jacob Graham, when he trying to buy a cup of coffee and we just rushed for a photograph and autograph session. And the fact that the venue is a club really brings the idea that maybe this is what it feels like if CBGB still open.

The only downside is the fact that the crowd is forbid to bring SLR type camera 9any kind of camera that supposed to produce superb picture). I mean, my PEN ain’t DSLR, its micro 4/3 for G Sake! And they tell me to stop shoot at the third song (my favorite song from The Drums “I Felt Stupid). Besides that, it’s a blast show!

The way he dance, the vocalist, reminds me of Ian Curtis

Ps : Though this is cliché and compulsory, The Drums said that “U guys are by far the best crowd” (we heard that a lot) but “We definitely come back here soon” is intriguing, maybe at Java Rockin’ Land? Can’t wait to see them again!


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