All The Small Things

The Grandpa: How’s the new house?

Girl: Awesome!!!! There’s a little park at the back, with a fountain and sandbox…

(The girl keeps babbling over all the small details)

Some stranger conversation I overheard at the Mall

The reason not to have or trust a kid

What’s intriguing is the fact that all the babbling the little girl mentions is all the small things, the tiny insignificant detail that she keeps mentions, that somehow sparks her happy mode on. And what’s so intriguing about little girl, or kids to be exact? There’s nothing purer than kids (pure evil like Damian from Omen or pure good like angel is depends on the individual point of view).

Back to topic, since the kid said all the small things are the one that makes her happy, is it true that all the small things really made that much impact in our life? I mean, we all longing for a miracle, Deus Ex Machina, something awesome that somehow change the wind and turn the table upside down. Why sweat the small details? Hmmm, curious….

Come to think of it, it is the small things are the things that make it all worthwhile. Time passes us by, some day are left without any remark in our life, in our history. But some days are carved in our memory, tattooed in our mind and it’s all because the tiny little insignificant detail that makes the different, something like the day when our crush said hi or when my parents bought me Playstation or any other insignificant detail (that actually means a lot to us).

My pant is really tights suddenly

Like when I went to Dunia Fantasi (Indonesian version of Disneyland), celebrating my company birthday (I can mention the date but I don’t wanna make myself more pathetic than this). It’s not the ride or the crowd or even the birthday. What makes that day so special is that I met my “crush” and boy-oh-boy she is as lovely as ever (now she is even hotter! Did U smell something burning or the temperature rising? Oh that’s me ^_^) and wow that day is really imprinted on my brain! The way she smile (at me!!!!!! With that little teeth OMG!!!), the way her hair fell, the way she laugh, the way she move, everything (all the small things) ‘bout her!!!!

Well, all the small things will eventually built the next big thing, just like the old saying, journey of a thousands mile begin with a single step. It always brings a smile to my face when I see something, anything that makes me happy, but not the big thing (since it’ very rare happening in my so-called life). Little things like seeing some guy give his chair to a girl on bus, see someone smile (somehow makes me happy too), etc.

I guess I have to try to more appreciating all that life has been giving to me. So, here are some small things that set my mood happy:

The girl I love (obviously)/Every time my favorite song played on the radio (even if I already have the whole album)/smile (in everyone’s faces, even random stranger, thanks God I live in Indonesia, one of the most warmest and nicest people who ever crawl this $hit-hole)/Public transport (and everything that happens on it such as delay, harassment, etc especially my Trans Jakarta bus)/Jogging Park at Kelapa Gading/ Menteng Park/Suropati Park/rain (not the artist, but the environmental phenomenon)/Videogame/Jimmy Eat World/every Andrew McMahon project/Batman/Cyclops/Spiderman/Toys or figures/Anime/Cartoon/Movies/Music/Amazing In Bed (the band)/Idlewild (the band)/every other band/Hidetoshi Nakata/Paolo Maldini/Latrell Sprewell/every other athlete that I adore/My family (no matter how dysfunctional we maybe, at least there’s a word “fun” in it ^_^)/and every other small things I forgot to mention but really brighten up my day).

Don’t U just love it, all the tiny little insignificant things that makes everything seems

Nice movie actually

worthwhile, wait somehow I remember Twilight (that “weird” vampire movie starring the lovely Kristen Stewart) tagline “If U could live forever, what do you live for?”…well actually that makes what makes everything worthwhile is…well worth. Love all the small things!

Reminds me of Blink 182 song “All The Small Things” he he. It’s been years & this video still rocks!!!


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