Men Are From Ace Hardware, Women Are From Any Department Store

Well, I know it’s just some stereotype, stupid label or just rip-off from some book but there is a difference between men and women. In modern world and in the verge of emancipation in any form and level, the boundary or difference between men and women is becoming more & more blur, but there is a small difference that maybe written in our DNA (such as women role to gave birth that can’t or at the moment, I don’t know in the future, be given to men). I just realize this thin red line recently.

Average guy can went to Ace Hardware and spend almost an entire day on that piece of paradise/store, at least for me, while women can spend the entire day shopping or just looking at any department store, at the very least that’s my take on them ^_^ that also can be generalized as major difference between men and women.

Dynamic duo for girl problem talk

So, I don’t know when, but recently I became quite close to a girl (not girlfriend she is a girl who also a friend) and we became some sort of trading stories (mostly psychological babble about relationship) & if U ask me, I still wondering how some girl with her right mind (she’s actually a very bright-smart women) chose a sick guy like me to do some therapy session (therapy, so I’m a therapist, the-rapist…I think I like the idea ^_^).  Through that, I have more understanding bout how women feel, think and react, regarding relationship between men & women.

One story is ‘bout when she have/had some sort of feeling to some guy in her Department that she insist that is happening cuz the guy is a smooth talker (but somehow the conclusion is actually it takes two to tango and probably she also have some feeling toward him from the start ^_^). Or when she & her friend are genuinely concern ‘bout their friend (whom they think is being harassed, manipulated, even voodoo-ed by her soon to be husband). It’s really interesting to see how women co-op and handle with problem.

General acceptance is that men are more logic than women (women is more into feeling than man, so they said) but somehow that general acceptance is applied in my case. Like I mention earlier, she & her friend are genuinely concern ‘bout their friend to the point that they can’t even sleep just cuz they feel something, pain, stress or whatever I don’t know. Women are a very delicate and beautiful creature (wonder why men have the heart to hurt women?).

Some example of the difference is ‘bout the genuine concern I mention earlier, women really care and share the pain, probably also happiness between them (maybe also with the opposite sex that they care I don’t know). They want to solve the problem even when it means that they are interfering with others life, while Men, well in this situation we probably state the pros and cons and leave the decision to the individual (that’s the limit of men concern, I don’t know why, probably cuz we think there are boundaries and private area that others shouldn’t bother, some private are only for the individual it self). Point taken, not to said that who is more logic or not, but men are more individual while women are more social. Men probably said, “I already give the facts, the pros & cons, it’s up to you, its Ur life. U can lead it anyway U want but stay the hell out of mine while women will stay by someone side till the problem is solved in one way or another.

Other difference, men is more bottled up when it comes to feeling while women are more open and gladly shares their story. This may happen cuz the difference in upbringing, men are taught to be strong, to be independent to be tough (like boys don’t cry, but we do bleed and weep sometimes) while women are more…well I don’t know, they just live life to the fullest (probably not cuz there are lots of women who live secluded and bound by the patriarchal tradition that in one way or another enslaved them). I remember when I was small & I trip then fell, my dad said “Don’t cry! Ur a man. U have to be strong” or any other macho crap. Sometimes I kinda envy women. To be honest, I love drama, especially that have bad ending or tragic story. I felt some emotion, some lesson that I get from watching, sometimes I do cry if the story is so compelling and real (I guess I’m not ashamed though I know cry won’t solve anything, trust me I already passed the phase where I can’t cry hard enough and decide that the only option is to move forward, but at the very least cry makes U feel better after it, same effect with rage & anger I guess or to be more blunt and gross, masturbation ^_^). I mean, if U a are men, & U want to talk about deep feeling, either U are being mocked by other men as lame-sissy-gay cuz men don’t share that story, discuss it deeply though. We just act tough and let the whole thing slide & see what will happen, kinda like shoot first ask later (or I just hangin out with wrong crowd).

Other thing that I notice, and this is the clincher I guess, women are very intimate, close and trusting in relationship, even between men & women and this is what makes most misunderstanding between men & women. Through my experience, with my friend, I don’t know if it’s just me or what, but I guess she is too trusting in me, though I think she also keep some of her secret for her other friend, & share he story (or maybe a boy with mind as f#*ked up as me means no threat, harm or won’t try to “hit” her). And sometimes we chat in the middle of the night, it’s fine by me with my insomnia (& I enjoyed the quite intellect, thoughtful & deep conversation) but I wonder if this happens to another boy/men, they must be think that “Hey, we’ve got something here, maybe I could try to ask her out”. I know it’s just some thought, & I know that she act the same way to all her men colleague, but most guy can misinterpret it, that she have something special for them. This could happen cuz men, like I mentioned earlier, are more bottled up. We don’t used to express our self, so when someone is approaching us with any kind of affection we probably think that “Hey this is something special”, while women, justified by my friend statement, approach other without any hidden agenda or feeling, they just want to share something.

Well, there are many other difference between men & women but I guess that’s what I can say for now, since I experience it first hand. But the difference is what made us attracted to each other (opposite attract). And yes, women are really a beautiful & delicate creature, I was wondering if God didn’t create women, how f#%d up this world can be since men are dumb & cruel animal by nature (and history of human is a history of violence). Ah, women, don’t U just love them, I think they are one of the best thing that this God-forsaken world has to offer (besides technology, auto-mobile and kitsch ^_^).

PS : But there’s one thing that been bugging me. Since I enjoyed my time with her & her friend also, I was kinda wondering, a typical guy like me used to be classified are “her gay friend” a boy, who happens to be a friend that close to some girl without any intention to, well, “making out” a guy who means no threat nor harm to them. Come to think of it, I’ve got couple of girl who happens to be friend that spent the night at my dorm room or my house, damn I am their gay friend! Hell, no way, maybe I should be more like men, real men. There’s only 2 types of men : Jerk or Gay (that’s why most men are jerk), should I be a jerk? Damn! I don’t think I have the decency or balls to become a jerk and screwed someone’s life, SIGH. It hurts my ego as a man that I’m not consider as trouble or something I guess


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