The Supporting Cast

Recently, I found myself watch Barry Munday, a comedy movie about a guy who lost his “balls” (testicle in biology term) cuz some “accident”. Then he is facing the fact that he is a father of soon to be born child from a woman that he forgot whether he “screw” with or not. OK, the movie is not outstanding or “the best movie ever” but it’s quite nice & the best part is the main actress cast is Judy Greer (I love this woman!!!!). Oh, I love the idea “It’s what missing that makes it complete” and when Barry realize that the fact he will have a baby gave him a sense of purpose, a direction.

I just realize that Judy Greer is one of the most underrated actresses in Hollywood. I

Cute eh?

know her in 1998 & since then I always have a fond spot for her. Judy’s career is strange one cuz she never plays as lead role (even in Barry Munday still I can’t say she’s in leading role). But her presence always leaves a mark. She completes the movie (she also gains some loyal fan, including me). Then it occurs to me that in of her interview that she doesn’t mind being a supporting cast. It gives her an opportunity to play various roles (she even plays as an antagonist-she werewolf in “Cursed”), have a witty one-liner and a job that not too demanding and she could possibly enjoys.

Enough about her and how she always referred as the role model for supporting cast, I mean, there is someone whose role in this world is as supporting for other people. And come to think of it, there are many people like that, that’s an understatement. There are gazillion people in this world and to be stand out among the crowd is a Herculean duty (if impossible is the other, appropriate word for it), so most of us stuck as mediocre or just playing as supporting cast.

There’s a reason why only handful of people will stand in the top of the world (and they say the winner stands alone, lonely on top, etc). The concept of “Ubermensch” or Superman by Freud or “Primus Interpares” by Darwin is forged by years of research and written in some valid reasoning and it’s true that there only handful individual has the right to be leader, whether it’s natural born or nurtured that way.

Imagine there’s a boat with two admirals, and both gave different opposite order, what will happen to the ship? Sink or lost in war I guess. There’s a reason why X Men have the stupid M-Day where majority of mutant is de-powered or lost their power, there’s too many of them and it’s hard to make a good story if there are too many figure in it. Just like how dumb if a nation is lead by its people. Who they are supposed to lead? The elite or the rich people? The many lead the few? Ridiculous right?

So, looking all the fact, probably we all stuck in mediocrity and like it or not we have to accept it, in one way or another. Then again, is it wrong to be mediocre, to be normal, to be just like all other? Though we all want to be stands out & unique, but sometimes there are safety in numbers, to be part of something big & communal.

Hell, even Superheroes need their normal people identity to make them feel safe in daily world. So I guess it’s OK to be normal, to be mediocre sometimes, in some degree though. Come to think of it, id this world is one big machine that works in synchronicity. Missing parts, especially the small one could make a big difference. Imagine how poor a car performance without proper fuse or if the tire loss one of its bolt. In order to works properly, all the component (main role or supporting or even cameo) must work together in synchronic motion towards the same goal.

Solo astist would suck without them

I guess that sometimes it’s OK to be “supporting cast” for a greater good. If its make it better, sometimes what makes it all worthwhile is all the small thing, the tiny little detail that makes such impact or difference. Hell, my friend said this “Never ever felt like U r nothing in this world. Cuz somewhere out there, there is someone that thinks U mean the world to him/her”. Kinda stupid romantic, but it soothing he he. It’s OK to be supporting sometimes.

Oh, here’s a link to see how cute and lovable Judy Greer is. She is awesome & I can’t believe she is 30 something. WOW!!!


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