Dare You To Move

Dare you to move,  I dare you to move

Dare you to look just above of the floor

I Dare you to move, I dare you to move

Loke todat never happen, today never happen before

Dare You To Move – Switchfoot

Recently, a friend of mine, the girl that I mentioned in my previous blog, is resign from the office (congrats to her

Kinda cute eh?

and hopefully that she found something better than this cesspool of universe ^_^). What so special about it? Well, besides the fact that I was kinda involved in her resignation (so I get to know the here & that about it and I think she is cute ha ha ha), her action makes me realize something stupid that inspired me to write something about it.

The dreaded board game that imitates life

I heard someone said that life is like a wheel, a wheel of fortune. Sometimes Ur on top, sometimes Ur at the bottom, simple. What goes up must go down (too simple & predictable for my taste). I think life is like, something more like a monopoly, yeah like that. See, we all are nothing but a pawn that, I don’t know, maybe God playing mercilessly or something. We move from one box to another, depends on what number came from the dice that been played. Sometimes we got to move on step by step, sometimes leaping far. Sometimes we stuck at the very exact spot, sometimes we just stuck in 2nd gear. But I digress cuz I beliee we are the master of our destiny.

I sometimes heard that life is all about choices. If life is an exam or test, life is a multiple choice kind of test (be thankful this ain’t fill in the blanks or essay, we just don’t know what to fill he he). To think about it, it’s kinda soothing that somehow life is all about choices that we make. Just like monopoly game I mentioned earlier, our choice will bring us to the next move (either is good or bad we just have to wait & see). If we didn’t choose or choose not to choose, well we just stuck at the moment while everything just move on, time will passing us by without give us a chance but to feel sorry or regret that we don’t do “something” do “anything” (read : choose something).

Somehow, I also realize that what we do, or choose will somehow bring us to “doors”, in metaphorical essence. Yes, after we do something, choose something, usually we found ourself a door, or doors. Sometimes that doors will bring us to new possibility, new path, something new (good or bad, come what may he he). Sometimes that door is open, or alreay open, just cuz we choose that path. Sometimes the door is still closed, even sometimes it’s locked.

I'm trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You're the one that has to walk through it

Then again, we have to choose, either we choose another path (hopefully the other door is open), or we stay & do something about that door. We could just stay and hope somehow that door is open for us (sometimes opportunity just pop out of nowhere & we have to use it wisely), or we have to knocked on that door hopefully that the door is opened cuz we ask to (like when we ask others for help). Or we have to knocked down, smashed, or any excessive neccesary force so that door will open (cuz sometimes when the going get tough, the tough gets going, or just like Batman once mentioned that to make some sense into this crazy world, sometimes we have to use force in order to make it more sensible).

So, to sum it all, I have to dare myself to move, do something, do anything, just like my friend did when she choose to quit her job. Her action will bring her to the next move, a new possibility. Good or bad the outcome will be, it’s the chance we have to take. To be honest, we don’t have to do nothing and life will just go on, but in order to make a change, we have to move. So I guess I have to dare myself to move, cuz I had enough of this “life”, & everything it has to offer. I need something, anything then what it is. I WANT A BETTER FUTURE, & I guess my present life won’t be able to offer. I want to start a family, a new job, etc. I know it’s an uphill battle, but I have to try. Guess I have to thanks my friend for this & I hope the best for her cuz she deserves it. Thnx a bunch li’l sis ha ha ha.

Have to kill my insomnia too ha ha

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