What’s Wrong With This Picture & Congrats to My Cousin

Last week (Saturday & Sunday) my cousin held a wedding party at her house (on Saturday) & in Gedung Arsip Nasional or National Museum of Archive (on Sunday). Honestly, it’s just another wedding party (along with the usual questions such as : “When will U married?” or “Where’s Ur girlfriend?” and other crap like that), what makes it special is some of the picture I managed to captured at her Akad Nikah (I don’t know the English word, probably pre-party, where the couple is get a legitimate wedding before religion and Law, while the party held after this phase).


Anything weird?

See what’s wrong? No, see the index to see what’s wrong

Cool shoe

with the picture. It’s supposed to be a traditional costume, but look at the shoes!! If that’s a traditional shoe, I wanna be a Bugis rather than Javanese or Betawi ha ha ha.


Well, modernization and technology made our life so much easier. Sometimes we just to accustomed by it and sometimes we just can’t live without it (like some people can’t live without their cell phone ha ha ha).


Well, that guy ain’t the only one who catch my attention, look at this picture ha ha ha.

Gangsta baby!!!

Who do he think he is? Kanye West? Cool though ha ha ha. Awesome with capital A dude ha ha ha.



The next day is nothing wrong, at all, it’s a picture perfect if U ask me. The next day, the wedding party, the event was held at Gedung Arsip Nasional. At first I was cynical, though I know the building was considered as national asset & preserved in order to maintain its colonial looks, I don’t think the building was qualified as wedding event. But how wrong was I!!! Under the hand of good people, the building looks totally beautiful.

This is a museum by the morning


Gates of heaven???
Beautiful ambience
View from top

One problem with wedding party in Indonesia, usually it’s the parents that prepared the

I was forced to wear this!!

wedding so the wedding party is dull, boring & old fashioned. But not this party! I enjoy it! It was western style, Spanish to be exact (I even have to wear suit & tie just like in telenovela). Why Spain? Cuz the couple met when they are studying Spain language ^_^. I dig this party, the music is Jazzy, the food nice. And I love the venue!!!!!

Tango dancer


Jazzy tunes baby

To sum it all, I wish my cousin Dinka & her husband Dito will have a good ride on the one way ticket called marriage. Kudos for the two of U has guts to get married. Good luck and may the two of U live happily ever after.

Kings & Queen of that day he he

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