Original Soundtrack When Falling In Love

So, I never was a strong advocate for love, I always believe in lust at first sight rather than love at first sight. So it would take some sort of miracle (read: very awesome-outstanding-cool-sexy-girl to make this Indonesian stallion swept of his feet ^_^) or some sort of “special” kinda girl that will ignite this untamed impala (really, even me the one who wrote this find this sentence really disturbing and wrong in so many levels ha ha ha). To sum it all, somehow I always fall for all the wrong reason & in the most inappropriate way ha ha ha.

OK, like I said before, to be blunt, it would take a mere miracle, a revelation, or something extra-ordinary to make this kid in the state of “falling in love” thus my OST is also not your ordinary love song (it full of turbo charged and nitro fueled gasoline if it’s could be analogized with car).

So, this is the poorly chosen soundtrack if I falling in love (not in alphabetical or most favorite order, just plain random order.., can I order a pizza with mushroom topping? Back to topic please ^_^), some of it might be useful, and some might just plain suicidal or even heartbreak song, enjoy!

1. “Canon Ball” by Damien Rice
Soundtrack of my love life (though I think this song is wrong in so many levels). Well, this obviously not a love song in the most cheerful way, but the lyric is honest and really hits the spot at least for me. This is the song if U falls HARD for someone that all logic and senses are gone / misplaced / ignored / abandoned. I really dig the part “and it’s not hard to grow…when U know that U just don’t know…” or “So come on courage…teach to me to be shy…cuz I don’t wanna lose her”. Yep, love is one of those things that didn’t have a manual book or involving logic. Suicidal love song that fits “the crazy in love” feeling. A song that tells how fragile we become when love is intervening like some sort of divine intervention.

2. “Gabriel” or “Gorecki” by Lamb (tie)
This is love song that was intended for psycho, gothic or obsessed individual! Just look at the lyric. It’s so sick, so psycho, so beautiful and honest (in some way or another). Both songs were somehow written by the same artist, share the same vibe, and same atmosphere. “Gabriel” could be interpreted as love song about how we adored some individual that we want to be him/her and can’t live without him/her and the urge is have a tendency into something wrong, possessive and psycho, while “Gorecki” basically tells the same but without the sick possession but suicidal and vague sense of accomplishment cuz somehow we finally met “the one”. Sick song that you love to hear over and over and over again (till we also became psycho-Goth individual).

3. “She (for Liz)” by Parachute
Well, this one not actually a neither ground breaking song nor lyric, this made on the list cuz at the moment my world is being torn apart by a girl and the situation is kinda what this song talk about, “She’s the word that I can’t find, how can the only thing that killing me makes me feels so alive”. Well, at the very least this song tells how crazy we become because of love (“I brought a stick to a gun fight…”) and we all become chronic gambler and taking any kind of chance that available for the sake of the girl (“I drown or make her mine”). Kinda like Damien Rice song but not in suicidal way, though the part “its sink or swim, I’d drown or make her mine” is kinda suicidal he he.

4. “Didn’t Know I Was Looking For Love” by Everything But The Girl
Well, this is one song about love for those who didn’t believe in love or try to ignore or even just like the title said, didn’t know that we are looking for love. Actually people will more familiar with Karen Ramirez version (with its danceable beat) but I’d prefer the acoustic version of Everything But The Girl that has more calm and warmth vibe. Highly recommended for valentine or if U just found the right one.

5. “The Sweetness” by Jimmy Eat World
Are you listening? Ooooo…” That probably sums up the whole concept of the song. Simply put it, one of the best shout out to the person you love, though Ur loved one will accept it or not is a whole different story.

6. “Hurricane” by Something Corporate
Most of us feel a great sensation when we fall in love and this is what the title hurricane is all about. How we got swept away, we got crushed down, beat ‘em up and knocked out by love. Maybe this is too teenager (Andrew McMahon still young at the time) but this song is honest, naïve and really showed how teenager felt when they in love, even puppy love.

7. “Slide” by Goo Goo Dolls
A love song for troubled couple. I really love the build ups on how f*#ed up the couple and the environment that almost made them just give up but somehow they know that love will prevail. Love the chorus “What you feel is what you are. What you are is beautiful. Do you wanna get married or runaway?” really sweet and cool at the same time.

8. “Wonderwall” by Oasis
Till now, I don’t have a f**in clue what is “Wonderwall”. Some people said its bout some imaginary boundary, thus it called wonderwall that lead us, save and control us that most people associated as love. This is one beautifully crafted song and one of the best ballads I’ve ever heard. The best part is the lyric, almost every word from beginning to end. The chorus is quite haunting “...maybe…you’re gonna be the one that saves me… and after all…you’re my wonderwall

9. “Roxanne” by The Police
Personally, I think this is one of the most romantic songs EVER. I mean, to love creature that by society being labeled as “lesser-being”, a prostitute, without any pretentious or bad or wrong intention or assumption (even just for “casual” sex, but love). This is love at the most pure and sweetest form (according to me though). Deep down, this is love song about accepting your loved one as what or who is. Top-notch.

10. “It’s Probably Me” by Sting
Another song from one of my favorite musician, Matthew Gordon Sumner A.K.A Sting. This song is really “macho” in all sense or just plain cool and suave. A song about telling someone that you love him/her without making you sound like you are pleading or begging, but we just want him/her to know that we do care (a lot), just so he/she know and whenever he/she need someone, we will be there for him/her. Maybe the music doesn’t sounds ballad that most people doesn’t know that this is love song but once they know, BAM, they will hooked up the way I do.

“Falling in Love Again” by Eagle Eye Cherry
This song is not numbered cuz this is what I really feels a the moment ^_^. This song is the counterpart of “Didn’t Know I Was Looking For Love” by Everything But The Girl (the song in no. 4). But this time this is the male version of it, along with the state of denial then acceptance that the male is finally falling in love. Love the lyric, “You gotta tell me if you gonna break my heart cuz I don’t wanna take the chance” then the chorus that shows that sometimes we just have to surrender and accept that we just falling in love, “I’m falling in love again, ain’t nothing I can do…Falling in love again…” ha ha ha.

Well, I guess that’s what comes into mind for soundtrack if I falling in love. There’s a lot of other Hope some of the song could be useful in some way for U, cuz know it really a mood-booster for me & became soundtrack of my life recently ha ha ha.

PS : Damn!!!! Can’t believe I just fell in love! How come? I never see this coming (SIGH, Not that I mind though ^_^ I practically enjoy this he he). To a girl goes by the nick name Garfield ^_^!!!! Those songs are for you!!!!!!


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