It’s the journey, not the destination

This is a story about a two stranger that start a journey to find their lost family who were separated by war. These two people fate are intertwined because they aim the same goal, find their loved one, their family. To make it short, they travel across the globe to find that their loved ones are already dead in the war. They are devastated, and desperate. But somehow they remember that actually, they already found a family, a new one, the one who standing right beside them all the time, the other stranger is their family. They’ve been through a lot together, share the pain, shared the laugh. They are brothers.

-A summary of old story my grand ma once tell when I was little-

This story teach us couples of things: the one you look probably is the one near you,

Something like this

but you just can’t see or realize it. Emotion, such as happy, sad is only a state of mind, you can make home wherever you are if you want to. It makes you realize that everything you’ve been through is as important as the achievement you get. And once again I’d like to say, it’s the journey not the destination that matters, didn’t sometime you just wish good things didn’t come to an end?

I remember the time when Indonesia was one of the most feared nations in South East Asia in terms of sport. Now, look how far we sunk he he. Some people said that we don’t have the luxury to support our athlete with adequate training or budget; some said that, some said this, etc. But I honestly enjoyed how our athlete give their best in the face of adversary, minimum support, minimum trust, even minimum wage, the only thing that is a maximum is the pressure to get the medal. I really proud to see our athlete somehow prevail and makes our nation proud (even if they don’t get the highlight they deserves).

I think this phenomenon, showed me that we are still living in the instant age, where everything is supposed to be fast, demanded to be instant, have to be express or pronto. Just like the government and the people that only want to know the result, without give a damn about the process. I mean, they just expecting to get gold without supporting the athlete with proper financial support or even give some cheers to the athlete in the field or something. Are they just expecting to get a natural born winner or what?

Back to nature guys

We are live in the instant age, instant noodle, junk food (which is fast in the process), instant beauty (plastic surgery, liposuction, etc), internet. No wonder my boss said “don’t bother me with details, let me know the results. Don’t work hard, work smart”. This is like a devil circle of never ending story. But alas, lots of people is try to change this, there’s a movement called ‘slow food’, which is really just a back to the regular order that just don’t come fast (try imagine order your mom a food and wait, and wait, and wait). Or a movement called bike to work, or back to sending cards (not e-card or SMS, or e-mail to greet people). People begin to appreciate the beauty of waiting (which is, if you ask me, the most pain the @$$ activity).

What’s wrong with waiting? Let  me put it this way, I play video game from start to end, and the game is so damn hard, I finish it, but not 100% complete. Hey I enjoy every moment of it, and I proud of it, not like if I use a cheats like game shark or something (one of the biggest sin in video game). Or like this, I read that novel  “Perfume: Story of a Murderer”, a good book with a interesting plot and twist, the only drawback is, if you ask me, the ending is kinda lame, but I still think that it is a good book. Imagine if I skip and read the ending, founding out that it was lame and read the story from the start to know why, it’s like wasting your time, it’s yours, maybe 2 day that will never you got back, and you wonder whether you got a money back guarantee if the story is sucks.

Another example, I met this girl in 9thgrade, I have a crush on her but is an accident

Remember this movie?

waiting to happen, a love story that ends with tragedy. What? Not strong enough? OK, like “City of Angels” (starring Nicolas Cage, and OST by Goo Goo Dolls’s “Iris”), we know it ends with the girls dead (sorry if you haven’t watch it), just like every other stupid love movie that ends with one of the party dead (Romeo & Juliet, etc). But the tear jerker moment is when Nicolas cage said that he never regrets his decision to become a human, which resulted in the girls dead, or maybe it was her fate we don’t know. He said that he rather spent an eternity, what’s left of his life without her (cuz she’s dead), but never knows how it feels to touch her, to kiss her, etc (I feel you man, I feel you brother). Oh, and my story, though it ends awesomely f*#ed up, it was one of the best years I ever had with the best I never had ha ha (state of denial ^_^).

Just like living a love story, as a child we told that happily ever after is the marriage, which is a lie cuz it’s only the beginning of something (hopefully something good). What is the goal, the destination? Just like Smashing Pumpkin said ‘The end is the beginning is the end”. With one story finish, the other has just started, which is looks like a boring over-exposed, over-timed, ridiculous soap opera that already hit 2 digits seasons. Which is makes me wonder, why we just can’t appreciate or enjoy the process? Cuz it’s inevitable anyway, it ain’t over till it’s over (read : until we are dead)

Maybe we could appreciate more if we just enjoy the effort, or maybe we just become more tolerable with failure if we slow down. But that’s not a bad thing right? We could appreciate people more, we could become more grateful. I always love story where people failed but at least they try, cuz it mean something, rather than just doing nothing and hope something better will come along. Yeah, I think what matters is the journey, the destination.


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