We Put the Fun in Dysfunctional

You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them

Desmond Tutu

After watch Catatan Harian Si Boy, which also my first “date” with the special one he he, I just realize the importance of family (and I watched that movie like 2 weeks ago, on 9th of July, but just have the urge to write this now he he). Yeah, I know that sometimes family, nuclear family (mom-dad-bro-sis), can be a shelter from nasty world or just the exact opposite, hell on earth, depends on the situation. Unfortunately, most of us felt that family was created in the first place as a tool to torture us in this world.

Admit it, most of us were never satisfied with our family, we always envy others, the grass is always greener on the other side. We always exiled our self from family ties; we felt that family as a burden. Thus we search family of our own, family that suits our preference and our needs, such as friends. I guess friends are the extension of family, a bond forge not by birth right, not by blood ties, but by our own rights to choose. Probably like the story I told in my previous blog.

Either U likes it or not, the concept of “friend” also intriguing, cuz the definition of

Friends with weed is better ^_^

friend is depends on the individual. Some prefer friends with benefit (the definition of benefit varies depends on the individual, unfortunately most people associated benefit with sex ^_^), some prefer friends that they can depends on every time they need someone, hell, even friend in need is friend indeed (just like Placebo said in “Pure Morning” friends with weed is better he he).

Even Batman, one of the most anti-social heroes has a soft spot for family. Look at the Bat family! They grew bigger and bigger (even now Batman established Batman Inc. so now he have sort of family in the whole world). If B-man needs family, we all need it, submit to it, it’s like the word of God himself ^_^ (pardon the crazy babble, it’s my obsession with Batman that drives me he he).

Alfred, Dick, Bruce, Damian & Tim. Dysfunctional but fun bat-family

Like it or not, when all the chips are down, when all the glitter has stop shines, the one who will stand with us at the end of days is our family. The one who will take care of us if something ever happened is family. In case U hate U’r family, remember there’s a possibility that they also hates U (so the feeling is mutual) but they learn to live and accept U (just accept it, take it like a man! Or like a woman he he). So I guess we have to accept our family for what it is, for what it’s worth. Everything happens for a reason anyway, we just need to see the bigger picture ha ha.

No matter how anti-social we are, we can’t deny that we need other to survive. At least we eat other creature such as plant or animal to eat and survive. So, family is a reminder that we are social creature. U can say that school teaches nothing but U can’t deny that at the very least school taught U how to read & write. So does family, they are the first gate before the wild-wild world. Let’s just say that if Ur family sucks, U are prepared with what the world has to offer ^_^ (welcome to the jungle brother ha ha). Hey, we all are dysfunctional, as a person, as a family cuz nothing is perfect. It’s the imperfection that makes us unique and perfect for each other. It’s up to us to put “fun” in dysfunctional ha ha.

12 thoughts on “We Put the Fun in Dysfunctional

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