More Deadly Than The Male?

Frankenstein and Dracula have nothing on you
Jekyll and Hyde join the back of the queue
The female of the species is more deadly than the male

Oh she wants to conquer the world completely
But first she’ll conquer me discreetly
The female of the species is more deadly than the male

Oh she deals in witchcraft
And one kiss and I’m zapped

Oh How can heaven hold a place for me?
When a girl like you has cast a spell on me
Oh how can heaven hold a place for me?
When a girl like you has cast a spell on me

“Female Of The Species” – Space

I just realize this, most people in this world has some tendency to hate female, even female it self. It’s not like I made it up, cuz recently I have some unusual conversation with my mom bout some case where an affair happens & somehow my mom always put the blame to the female. My mom said that the affair, cheating or whatever U calls it happened cuz the female sort of have the initiative to “seduce” the male. It is male nature to embrace any kind of bait / seduce (even when the female unintentionally seduce the male, with such as attitude or wearing dress that most male consider as seducing).

This is kinda interesting, I mean not only my mom agree with that weird train of thought, my friend, OK, GIRL FRIEND ^_^ also agree that in most affair case, usually female is to blame. I mean come on! It takes two to tango, it’s not fair to put the blame in one party while the other is left unscathed.

Believe it or not, there are believes or train of thought, or mindset to hate female for no reason whatsoever. Accidentally, I met the term “misogyny”, or to make it simple, the feeling or tendency to hate female just cuz, well, they are female. This hatred for female is as old as civilization it self, especially in our patriarchal or male-dominated culture (though recently we see that female as an equal, even sometimes excel male, thus it threaten male dominated culture it self). Almost every religion has this hatred among female, even ancient Greek also has this hatred (read the link I gave earlier).

In ancient Greek, there’s a story when Prometheus decides to steal the secret of fire

After she opens it, catastrophy fall upon us

from the gods, Zeus becomes infuriated and decides to punish humankind with an “evil thing for their delight” which is Pandora, the first female, who carried a jar (which almost most of us mistakenly thought as box) she was told to never open. U know the rest, Pandora open the jar / box and unleash “evil” into this once sacred world. In Islam (religion that personally I think blurring the line between religion, culture and male dominated mindset) if U learn Islam from a wrong person, Islam would sounds so oppressing toward female as if female is the source of all evil e.g. female has to cover themselves with clothes all over the body in order to not enticing lust among male and other teaching that if U ask me, are byproduct of male dominated mindset cuz Islam is known to put female as a special being. So if U feels some of the teaching is kinda unfair for female, well I believe its cuz the male dominated mindset.

We still blame her for our exile?

Hell, I think this hatred is printed on our DNA since the day Eve brought us down from garden of Eden into this cesspool of the universe (if U believe in God and religion which is Abraham descendant religion such as Islam, Catholic, Christian and Jew). Probably we blame Eve, which happens to be female, for our exile from Paradise. Or how male consider female to be inferior compared to male cuz they are originated from male’s rib.

Like I said before, it takes 2 to tango. Don’t just put the blame on the female. We all have the share to make “the accident”, the affair, etc. If U asks me, misogyny happens cuz male are threatened by the rise of female capability. Look at now, female can do almost anything that male can do, even better in some case. Even in the animal kingdom, the female of the species is more deadly than the male! Male ego is being attacked and wounded so in retaliate they use the century old prejudice, misogyny (coward but effective move if U asks me).

Maybe I’m a feminist, but I think female are better than male. Female can do multitasking easily while most male are having a hard time juggling tasks. Female can give birth (one of the biggest miracle in this Go-forsaken-no miracle left world) and female is the first educator most of every male have before they go into the brave new world, and every other kindness this world has to offer.

OK, it’s absurd that we hate female cuz they are female, but “misogyny”? We even gave it a special word, a meaning or definition, we somehow acknowledge hatred for female just because they are female! It’s insane! If this male dominated world is threaten by female, which deadlier than male, retaliate it gently, show them if we are better not condone such action that only embarrassed our self. If U wanna play the part right, male are supposed to be the protector, guide, leader, so act like one!


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