IT Jokes

Since I am HRD on IT Directorate, I heard pun, jokes or even harassment regarding or

Inspired by U!!!

including IT slang here & there. Thus somewhere on this twisted mind of mine (rhyming…cool ^_^), I try to tell a joke that I wish it could entertain anyone who reads this he he,  oh, & it inspired by one of “The Big Bang Theory” episode where Judy Greer featured as the promiscuous Dr. that drive everyone insane, so here the story goes :

Aditya (I am brave enough to make fun of me rather than someone else he he), is a computer expert in Android and Macintosh programming, CGI & hacking into porn internet database ^_^.  His expertise makes him such a picky when it comes to girl or future wife. His expertise makes him more comfort around computer that he deem worthy cuz computer is more reliable than a girl, even buying a new computer is more fun that asking a girl to be his girl or wife.

Finally, after years of browsing internet dating site & hunting on social media such as twitter, facebook, myspace, etc, finally he find the girl of her (wet) dream named Judy Greer (God please don’t let everyone take this joke seriously, oh, & Judy, I’m Ur biggest fan, one of the biggest that is, don’t take this seriously incase U read this). Judy is on the checked list of Aditya’s future wife (which somehow almost the same checked list when he buy a new computer, this is due to his geek ness), such as :

–           multi-tasking, without install a jail-break, Read : bribing his in-laws

–           User friendly (read : friendly and easy to approach)

–           Highly Compatible (could relate or connect with everyone he know)

–           Upgradeable (read : have good style/sense of fashion and look better with it)

–           Have pretty interface (read : good looking)

–           Ergonomic (read :sexy)

Damn!!!! This woman is f*#%n awesome!!!!

And as an secular/agnostic/Islam-soon-to-be, Aditya think that basically, religion is an Operating System where the teaching/program/application is a native application / native program that pre-installed before purchase (thus it can be replaced by new or better one ^_^).

But honeymoon is over as fast as it begin, not only his wife is already open for test drive (read : not virgin), his wife also has the attribute / checked list of things when he buy a new computer, such as :

–           Multi media (read : AC/DC or she could oral, anal or even normal)

–           Multi User (read : promiscuous, she even had sex with his Dad)

After this nightmarish experience, Aditya didn’t set his checked list like buying a computer and just let it slide ha ha ha.


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