Bling-Bling Ka’ching-Ching

Money is not everything, but everything needs money -Agnes Monica-

“Show me the money”, “I love you Benjamin”, “Uh, my favorite color is green”, ever heard of that? It’s really strange to think that how an absurd concept of thing like money could become a very vital issue in our life. Money, in the beginning, is created to create a standard value in trading, knowing how uncertain sense of value in barter could be (trade an ornament with, let’s say, seven horses, absurd). In the beginning we use gold, silver as money, which is still make sense that gold and silver is worth quite a punch, but money? A piece of paper that were created by the very government that we are living in, which is useless if you brought it to another country, another government (just like another girl, another planet). Unless your currency is US $ or Euro.

How come a piece of paper define a value, created a boundary in trading, and affecting our life so much? I’m not gonna talk about how money could became standard value for trading, but how on earth that money could affecting our life, our relationship, life style, even our behavior.

Notorious B.I.G. even sang “Mo’ money mo’ problem”. But we just loves “Benjamin” too much I guess. Money even became some sort of God for some people, they worshipped it like it’s the only thing mattered in this world, which if you agree with Agnes Monica than it’s true (though she never meant it to sound as rude, crude as that). Sure some saying like “there’s a price for everything”, “no such thing as free lunch”, etc makes money became so important in life, but are we forget other values? Where’s da love, where’s da respect, compassion, and other cliché?

Well, we sure live in a material world. That’s for sure. You ever wonder why most people will give you more respect if you were a manager in some corporation than if you were just an artist (unless you were a successful and famous artist)? Because people think that you were paid, or get a bigger salary than if you become an unknown artist (hint: if you want to become a famous artist, commit suicide or just drop dead. Most artists become famous or entitled legend after they are passed away. Check on Cobain, Lenon, that Dutch fellow whose ear is kinda weird, Monet if I’m not mistaken?). The standard of success is being drawn with how much you get paid, or how many income you gain.

If you got lots of money, people will treat you differently, even become more tolerable if you’re rich. If you’re poor and a misfit, or plain not cool, society will call you a freak, a creep, but if you’re rich they’ll call you an eccentric. Even if you’re fugly (yes, ugly with the “f” word on it), but rich, there’s a hoochie-mama or smoking bimbo willing to be your wife (and expecting to inherit your fortune, and also expecting your sudden death).

We all know that we are highly addicted to the celebrity and look up to them in almost any state of our life. And celebrity is addicted to money, which makes us think, is money that important? Here’s some quote from a famous star:

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you a yacht big enough to pull alongside it. -David Lee Roth-
You can’t buy love with money: only a poor person say that. -Gene Simons-

Money issue could torn apart a relationship, love, even blood bonding relationship (ever heard “never conduct a business with relative or sibling”, it could became personal, not business). Money even could put us to the point where we could commit anything (bold, italic, and underlined) to lay our dirty hands on it. We use every kind of method to have it, from legal to illegal, from the nicest to rudest way. I even said once, that I sold my mom for PS2 (way back in 2000).

Conspiracy theory you may call it, but I, and tons of other people believe that the war


on terror that US conduct against middle east country in particular is only a fabricated one, to clouded the real objective, money (you could say that oil is also some sort of money, like gold and silver). And if you know the truth, US had the most nuclear in the world, in form of missile, plant, etc. A country with the amount of weapon at their disposal is also gain a fortune by sell their weapon or even hope that there will be a war so they could gain some buck.

You don’t believe that someone/some country actually willing to gain a fortune from war? You must be never heard “death merchant”, a man who sell weapon (which makes me wonder why a merc’ or hitman never called as a “death merchant”). Just look it this way, in the professional world, there’s nothing personal, only business bub’. Here’s a good quote from Shu a character from Genso Suikoden, a RPG video game:

Rulers change, border changes, countries change, But money is a constant. In fact, nothing better for business than a good war

Well, it’s not like money it’s everything in this world, though it looks like it, but let’s put it this way, we are cast away on a remote deserted island. If there’s a choice between food or bags of gold, which will you chose? Money or gold than the food? It’s like a thousand spoons, when all you need is a knife if you chose money. Money only important because we make it sounds and looks so important. Though I won’t mind bigger salary or bigger house ha ha ha

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