The art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity

Doug Horton

Recently, I came to restaurant that only serves 2 kind of menus, noodle and fried rice

Few but delicious

(they specialize themselves in noodle rice is only a sub-menu for those who can only eat rice, like Indonesian people who won’t be satisfied/full unless they eat rice). U thought that this restaurant is a mediocre? Well, in a way yes cuz it’s only a small stall in roadside but it always jam-packed and it taste very well (depends on personal preference I guess). I’m amazed by a restaurant that can handle their welfare quite well despite the fact that they only offer a very limited menu option.

Then I also remember a bread store (if that’s the right classification for it) called “Rotiboy Bakeshoppe” that only serves one food, bread (and if I’m not mistaken only serve 1 flavor only!) and they can expand from Malaysia to Indonesia. I thought that people dig diversity and demands variety of options to fit their preference.

But then again, let’s not forget the story of “apple” (the electronic/software/hardware product, U know Macintosh. Don’t it be more simple if apple and blackberry were just a normal fruit he he). Their success also lies in the keyword “simplicity” look at iPod, iPhone or iPad. The interface is so simple, even when I ask apple reseller store the reason why we have to “jail-break” apple product in order to make the gadget do multi-tasking id cuz Steve Jobbs wants the user to experience the simplicity of it’s program (jail-break allows apple product to do multi-tasking but also in some degree made the product more sophisticated and complicated due to the tasks it handle ^_^).

That’s lead to my conclusion if U want to works in garment industry, hits the male market. Yes the variety or trend is limited, but if U analyzes it clearly, most men bought the goods there were available in that one store. Male will choose what’s available or makes the most of what’s left or available on that one store while women often went to other store to compare the price or other product of the same variant. Bottom-line, due to their simplicity, male is more profitable and expectable (even male fashion trend kinda conventional or in a rude way, not as fast or as extreme as female fashion trend). So it is logic, male, also their fashion is simple.

So, we all love the simple things in life. I think the reason we love fast food, instant food, besides the fact that it serves fast, because it’s simple, unlike dining a slow food or a formal feast, where there’s a protocol or procedures, like the order to eat which food first or which equipment suits the food. For me, that’s why I like console gaming rather than PC, you don’t have to suits your PC requirements with the game requirements, the game suits it self to the console not the vice versa. All you need is plug & play, simple.

Then again, sometimes we forgot, or to be exact we underestimate the simple things in life. Sometimes we just pretend to be complicated, to be sophisticated, maybe cuz simple is ordinary, and it seems plain. But when you think about it, doesn’t it bothering you that most people spend their weekend in the suburb in he village? (Hell! Most Indonesian is spends their Lebaran / Ied Fitr Holiday went back to their hometown/Mudik in Indonesian language). They say it’s for refreshing, to meet their elder, to see their parents, etc, but I say cuz we miss the good old days when everything seems so simple (unlike the complicated life in the city).

If U think about it, it’s the small/little things that make life worth living right? We remember that tiny little insignificant detail that somehow highlighting our life, such as our first job, our first encounter with that special girl, or the first time I play video game. The simple things that makes the difference, that make it matters.

Sometimes I wonder if this simple factor applied in most everything in our life. Take me for example, I usually don’t do girl, it’s not like I’m a gay (cuz now I have a girlfriend YEAH!!!!! ^_^), I’m just couldn’t handle the commitment (with girl or girls ^_^) since I’m committed to many things in life, such as family, job (I’m under-paid boss, incase you read this), etc, Hell! Even my commitment to God is rather sucks cuz I’m committed to other things in life. I don’t have any slot left for girl (usually if I get a higher salary I’ll think about it). But honestly I dreamt of an ideal girl, someone with sexy & grace like Kiera Knightley, Rhona Mitra, Kate Beckinsale, Yabuki Haruna, etc. Then again, I think everyone has a double standard like America or our parents, we all have ideal type and realistic type. Just like my previous blog, like choosing a car, I love Jeep, especially Wrangler, but if I have money, I’ll buy city car cuz it’s economic, and easy to maintain. It’s simple.

Honestly again, when I think about it, the first time I really fall for a girl, not some crazy wet dream with a model or porn magazine girl, is with a girl that really not my ideal type (I really want to attach her photo, but I think it will be a breach of property or personal rights and I already have a girlfriend now ^_^ so I just attach my girl picture). She’s not sexy (kinda chubby), she’s not gorgeous or beautiful (but she’s cute, especially when she smile), but the attitude, man it’s so cool. I love that easy-going and boy-ish personality. Every other beautiful girl just come and go, just like a hot car on the street, you just looking and hooked, but when it passed, it passed, you just went to your old trusty steed, and that’s just how I feel about her, stuck in the head.

And that is what happens with me at the moment, my girl is not exactly the model type that most of people will salivating for, but I guess she’s the girl that makes me neglecting all my defense, my ideal & ego. Probably the kind of girl that I thought would be great to grow old with. Maybe cuz she’s the great question for all the great answer (or vice versa I don’t know or even care ^_^) such as “I want to spend the rest of my life with someone like you”, “with you I don’t need to worry about anything, I knew somehow I’d make it with you”, “when all the chips are down, I knew you’ll be there” or “I think I want to grow old with you”, or maybe because she’s simple.

Ain't she cute or what ^_^

With other girls, I have to worry what to wear, what to talk, how to behave, did I have budget to treat them, etc. With her I just feel comfortable & just be myself. Everything’s so simple, not complicated or sophisticated. Is it cuz she’s simple? I don’t know. The definition of simple it self is hard to explain, just like Doug Horton said, “the art of simplicity is a puzzle of complexity”.


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