Study of Men Through Wonder Woman Cover

Just found this image when I’m scrolling on the net (forgot the site address, sorry). Look at that picture & tell me what’s wrong with that picture…did U see something that is wrong? Please be honest, especially if U are a man I bet U see something that…I don’t know downright soft or implicit porn? (Please let someone else saw what’s wrong or I will just make my self looks totally idiot and pervert ^_^). A damsel in distress (sort of), tied up (women in chain fantasy he he), and is that rocket is some symbol of something? (Male genital organ?). Wow!!! Is it just me? & yeah that’s Wonder Woman.

I once write ‘bout Wonder Woman as a bona fide Goddess, and I believe she is once

Another pose

of the most preference object for some fan-boy when they “jerking out” (OK, if U don’t understand, but let me beg for forgiveness in advance….here we go, masturbation…happy? Can I go home now ^_^). And since comic book is a realm where man reigns supreme (though women also shares its market, but man still their biggest and most influential market) most super heroine suffered tragic fate to be the object of mans desire (including the most kinky & grotesque ^_^).

With that train of thought, no wonder that a woman, specifically in this case, Wonder Woman always pose in some ludicrous, indecent, obscene, etc way. Over the years we saw her being tied up, beat down, and other twisted idea which male found attractive ha ha ha. No wonder most people think that Wonder Woman is falls in the category “No substance style only” ha ha ha.

Come & get her?

So….through Wonder Woman, the most notable & most recognizable Super Heroine, we can see how this world, the male dominated world, treat a women, which somehow I kinda ashamed to be this sex type of creature. I mean, that image above is not the first time Wonder Woman treated that way, through these years we’ve (or me to be exact since I am Wonder Woman fans) seen how she’s been treated. Not only in the 70’s even till now Wonder Woman somehow treated as just an object. I mean, why is every time women is instructed to infiltrate enemy HQ, the very first thing that cross our mind is if they offer “sex” (any kind of, literally or even offer themselves in some flirting way or any other crazy stuff), while men have the complicated & sophisticated way like stealth or kill, kinda unfair if U ask me.

I’d be honest to say that I’d be lying if I’m not enjoyed that kinda pose (Hell!! I

Women in chain weee

probably bought the poster if there’s someone willing to sell it for a cheap price ^_^). But I don’t think its right to treat women that way. I mean, there’s a reason there’s mother earth, mother ship, Mother Sea, but no father version. Women is the source of life, they are the first teacher for most of us. They deserves to be treated in the most respectable and royal way. It’s wrong to treat them just as an object.

I also write about how we live in the male dominated world that somehow makes women as an object rather than subject, a cause for any mishaps whatsoever. And that reflect in the way Wonder Woman was/is treated all these years. We, man, treat women in general as an object, though I against this idea I have to admit that in general, men are jerk. In my country, there’s an uproar cuz suddenly, there’s been an increase of raping in the public transport in my country and in the slip of tongue, Mayor of Jakarta said that these happens cuz women dress in a provocative way (the mayor said his apology but U know, once u said it, there’s no way to undone it. It’s been said & done). Women in my country strike a protest & suddenly the mishap became quite a debate.  Are we supposed to live like in Arab where women are oppressed (no offence for Arab people but I think the way they treat women is like they are source of sin with all that covered dress, U guys treat women as the object or source of sin)? It’s as if the victim were to blame if there’s a rape.

Submit to me women ^_^

Then again, I picture myself as one of those man and their view to Wonder Woman in specific & strangely I never imagined Wonder Woman as some sort of object of my twisted mind (beside the fact I am a strong provocateur for Batman & Wonder Woman as a couple, damn their offspring must have be the greatest Super Hero/ Super Heroine in DC Universe if that idea came to fruition. I believe that Wonder Woman is a princess, a noble woman, a lady that deserves a royal treatment only. So, if I were lucky to have intercourse with her (yeah dude, U WISH ^_^) it would be in a non perverted way, maybe some holy matrimony he he.

Then again, I always been the minority (they say there’s only two type of men, jerk or gay & I still wondering since I’m kinda sucks at being a jerk but I don’t wanna be categorized as gay…thus just let’s say I’m a jerk). But I still against the idea to put Wonder Woman to be specific or women to be general, just as an object, they are the best thing God ever created besides video game and figures ^_^. So though most men are jerks, there still some of us that are good guys he he (me for example ^_^) & it means there’s still hope for man to be a noble and kind creature he he


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