Don’t Be Sad Cuz It’s Over, Be Happy Cuz It’s Happened

I would rather have had one breath of her hair, one kiss from her mouth, one touch of her hand, than eternity without it.

Seth – City of Angels

Recently, I watched marathon of Toy Story, especially the third movie & I realize that in life, we are always saw meeting/gathering & goodbye. We saw it everyday that sometimes it became a routine & lost its meaning or its importance. In Toy Story 3 we see how touchy when the Toys saw and knows that its time to say goodbye to Andy, their owner. If U asks me, this is the best movie of the franchise & I almost cried, probably cuz I also own & love my toys/figure/collectible/etc in “inappropriate” way, so I know how hard to say goodbye to something U can relate to, even if it’s only an object, of our affection though.

Last time I treat U

And my family kinda want to change our existing car, honestly I’m not emotionally attached (it’s my sister car, she even names it “Mimi”, if it was me, I called him “Silver Sable” ^_^) but somehow I fell something will be lost forever. Something that I may never see again. So I felt a little, OK I’m sad, when I have the chance to wash that car on saloon. It’s hard to say goodbye to things that we know, even if we didn’t like it that much.

Maybe cuz we like status quo, we don’t like change cuz it makes us have to adapt with it. We have tendency to loves the comfort zone (who doesn’t?) though we all know that the only certain thing is the uncertainty. Or maybe we all just greedy bastard that don’t wanna miss a thing, a gluttony kid that can’t be fulfilled by eat  ^_^.

But, in my 27 years of pathetic life, I learn something called the art of let go, to accept that all things must come to an end (especially good things), what comes around goes around. To know that no matter how hard we try, sometimes something must go the way that we don’t want to. Just like Sting’s song “If You love Somebody, Set Them Free” a sentence that once I think as a pure crap but its true, cuz love is something that you can’t forced, its not something you can command or ask, its something you must earn, something that need a consent between 2 party, thus its true, if you love somebody, set them free cuz if s/he comeback, s/he is yours but if not…well s/he is never yours to begin with.

And since life as I know it mostly consist of pain, fight, blood and sweat (exaggerate I know he he), I also learn to celebrate all the victory/achievement we won (no matter how small it is), this is important cuz life is a never ending battle that keep on continue from one battle to another that makes every victory or achievement seems vague and unimportant. That’s why we need to celebrate every victory cuz you might not get it next time. Hell, I even celebrate failure cuz I believe that in order to succeed we need to fail so we know what not to do or to avoid it. So, if succeed we shall held a grand & royal feast fit for a king & queen and if we failed? Just held a small party in a shitty bar to lessen the pain (with some Valium & slut if U could afford it he he)^_^.

Somehow I also learn that sometimes you can’t have it all. So lets just say even if


you just  almost have it or just have it just to lost it, its worth celebrating cuz jut like quote from Seth above, don’t be sad cuz its over, be happy cuz it ever happened. In this temporary phase called life (if you are a religious guy you probably prefer the eternal happiness in heaven), you got to accept and celebrate everything that comes to you. The regret is worse if you scared or just didn’t take the chance and never knows how it feels just to take the ride called chance and every outcome that comes from it. So, all I can say is goodbye to Mimi hopefully her next owner will treat him as good as or even better than us. It’s been hell of a ride Mimi, boy am I glad to ride the ride with U.


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