Not So Macho After All

Men are always pictures themselves as macho-bad@$$-hardcore dude. We’re

Manly man at their best ha ha

very competitive, we believe it’s a dog eat dog world out there, survival of the fittest world. When we came into this world (read : born) the soundtrack that our big daddy-O gives is “Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns ‘n Roses. If God didn’t create women, men will ruled the world with iron-fist and this God-forsaken realm will turn into apocalyptic dystopian future in a flash, our hair will grow long, we still use spandex and we never wore a shirt since muscle is a necessity (probably) and our means of communication is high-pitch shriek. Why? Cuz apocalyptic dystopian future or end of the world and all those stupid things fits with heavy metal or at least grind-core song that represents man at its best (macho-muscular-steroid infused junkie).

But since the Lord is merciful (or sinister or probably has some weird taste of humor, depends on whom U asked), he (or she depends on whom U asked) create women to tame our alpha-male destructive instinct but guess that’s not enough cuz there is other symptom to taming men, homosexuality or deviation of men (sissy or men with feminine attitude, just like the creation of platypus, G-man really has out of the box sense of humor ^_^). Either U believes it that it’s God sent or not, it was there to make male-oriented world not so macho (for its own sake or the sake of existence I don’t know).

Since it’s a man’s world, I wonder for whom he pose like that (gay fans probably ha ha)

Here are some of captured moments to pull us back to earth and show us that even in the world filled with sport, sweat, muscle & manly activity we’re not that macho after all he he








Dude riding a "rocket", something is fishy here


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