Songs For The Broken Hearted

So, a friend of mine (& my girlfriend also) wants me to check some broken heart song from Christina Perry “The Lonely” & told me that the song was good (which I found too popish for my cup of sake). This somehow lead me to compile some broken hearted songs that more suits my twisted tortured soul he he.

I know not all the song is emo or whiny enough for some people, guess my pathetic so called life is quite awesome due to the fact that I don’t know some broken hearted song that much ha ha ha (either I’m numb or just live in denial I don’t know). So without further due& without any specific order cuz it’s just the one that pos through my mind, here is some of it :

1.      “I Can’t Make You Love Me” by George Michael

This one came into my mind first, don’t know why. But nonetheless this is a good song. The lyrics also a great stab to the heart as the feeling that U know U already give everything & anything for that special one but all U got just an “almost” but never really win her/him over, nothing more nothing less. That kinda disappointment is all over the song, such as the chorus “I Can’t make you love me if you don’t/You can’t make your heart feel, something it won’t”. The clincher? When the closing of the song he said “All this years, all this tears everything…” then come the most whiny part “….someone gonna loves me…” ha ha ha. Pure white flag all over it.

2.      “Someone Like You” by Adelle

Another stab if U just split with Ur partner in crime. This song is really whiny even before the lyric comes in, the piano is really killing & sucking the soul out of U, the chorus also such a killer “Never mind I found someone like you/and I wish nothing but the best for you/Don’t forget me oh babe I remember you said, sometimes it last in love sometimes it hurts instead…” Wow this song is really wicked as in wicked literally ha ha. This song should’ve have some parental advisory that it may causing some of the people would commits suicide or at the very least will bring tears to their eyes hi hi hi.

3.      “Hands on Your Heart” by Jose Gonzales

Remember the feeling when somehow “it” ends & you just don’t know why & you try everything to avoid that circumstances, to try to hold on to a sinking ship? This is the perfect song. Every lyric, I’m not exaggerate things I swear, is as deep as the fathom of the abyss, this is an awesome lyric song (cuz the arrangement is very simple, only acoustic guitar). From the beginning to the end the lyric are deep such as; ”it’s one thing to fall in love but another to make it last”, “You know it’s one thing to say you love me but another to mean it from the heart/& if you don’t intent to see it why do we ever start?” or “they “ and of course the chorus “Put your hands on your heart & tell’s all over/I won’t believe till you put your hands on your heart & tell me that we’re through…” Ouch that hurts. This is my favorite song this far he he

4.      “Happy Ending” by Mika

“This is the way you left me, I’m not pretending/No hope no love no glory/No happy ending/This is the way that we love, like its forever/To live the rest of our life but not together…” need to say more? This song is a big epic humongous ridiculous celebration of unhappy ending ^_^.

 6.      “Dari Lubuk Hati” by Haris Ioni

OK, the one & only song from Indonesia, my lovely God-forsaken country he he. I know some will consider this as U2 Made in Indonesia but this is a good song. This is a song about a guy who came to see the girl (love ends as usual) but the best part, this guy is accepting that everything is over & just came to say goodbye while hope that if faith intertwined, they won’t be stranger & could said hi to another. Great song if U asks me.

Damn! I honestly didn’t have enough brokenhearted songs surprisingly. Hope U enjoy it he he

Worth mentioning, probably the most pathetic broken hearted song, tie in, the most pathetic broken heart song yet :

“Lie To Me” by Bryan Adams and “Lie To Me” by Bon Jovi

What is the worst loser of all? If U asks me, then I’d say those who don’t know when to stop, or too stupid to realize that it’s over (though that can be a Quality in other arena such as sport, fight or war, cuz it shows determination, endurance and fighting spirit). What makes this kind of loser worst, is the fact that they begged for other to pity them or begged other to lie to them, so they can live their pathetic life as usual (they build their life with “magic” cuz their real life is tragic.

And these 2 songs captured it perfectly, Bryan Adams song said “So baby won’t you lie to I can be mistaken” while Bon Jovi’s said “If you don’t love me, lie tome..” I mean C’mon. People should’ve know when to stop, don’t beg other to pity or lie to U so U could feel better. Face it like a man dude (boys don’t cry but we do bleed and occasionally weep ^_^). sore-total-pathetic-bombastic-fantastic-tragic Loser (with capital L).

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