The Real Major Bad @$$ (One of the Most That Is ^_^)

So, out of curiosity & with nothing have to do 2 in the morning, I read my old gaming magazine circa 1996-1998, the golden age for gaming but also the time where video game entering the major market & sucked dry every part of it (previously video game is for niche market and gamer is considered as dork & geek, nowadays hipster is the one who plays it). Like it or not, Sony, specifically playstation (or PSX to be short), change the whole landscape. Their foray to video game brings awareness that video game is a big market, not niche like all people thinks & now everyone wanna piece of that cake.

The changes of landscape makes the oldskool player, e.g. Nintendo (with Nintendo 64) & SEGA (with their SEGA Saturn), cornered. PSX is the reigning king of 32 & 64 bit era, acclimated. As an avid SEGA hardcore fans, I was kinda ashamed to the fact that I bought PSX cuz the software is cheaper (then I realized that all software in Indonesia is bootleg version, still PSX is cheaper somehow ^_^). PSX change the whole gaming horizon with giving what the big market wants, 3D graphic and other bonanza that makes the market g gaga, though some oldskooler would thinks that most PSX games are style with no substance (which somehow makes the oldskooler, the once niche market cornered and wondering, who is this major market anyway? How did they somehow controlled and shifted the gaming trend).

SEGA specifically, is in the bring of their demise, cuz unlike Nintendo who is kids friendly & also makes “fun” game still survived and makes it to 2nd position in console race (SEGA on third but the market margin is very thin, approximately 15% of market share). SEGA is known for it’s oldskool game play heavy orientation (they even still using 2D graphic as their strongest selling point) and according to me, is too quirky, edgy or maybe too old for these new breed of gamer. Most of SEGA greatest hits are came from Japan (which somehow didn’t resonance well with western market), like my reason to bough Saturn Guardian Heroes, Nights Into Dream, Virtua Fighter (grand daddy  of all 3D fighting game that somehow never achieved the level success of it’s predecessors such as Tekken, etc) or any other Japanese RPG game.

All over the world SEGA is facing a loosing battle, only in Japan SEGA (with

Bad @$$

Saturn console) could withstand PSX invasion. Maybe a little exaggerated, but it’s one man that makes the difference, it’s not the gaming master/guru Yu Suzuki or Yuji Naka or any other person, it’s a fictional character named Segata Sanshiro, the real major Bad @$$ that makes SEGA enthusiast stand tall & proud shakes the heaven. He is starring most TV commercial of SEGA Saturn software & most of the commercial is so freakin’ awesome that most people grows mustache when they see it, most pregnant women having contraction, & other completely ethereal out of this world phenomenon occurred when this commercial aired. To sum it all, he is SEGA best campaign marketer, ever (I think this could apply not only in video game) that made SEGA Saturn survive till 1998 (in the rest part of the world, Saturn died at 1997).

Sega Stan-Shiro!!!

U probably think, who the hell is Segata Sanshiro (if U too lazy in this modern internet age, click here)? Segata Sanshiro is a hermit who also a martial art masters who digs video game, especially SEGA Saturn. This guy is a purist hard core of SEGA Saturn that he perfected the way of playing SEGA Saturn (he trains in the mountain using ridiculous huge SEGA Saturn console. Even his name is a pun, for his loves for SEGA Saturn, he usually shouts battle cry “Segata Sanshiro”, which somehow sounds like “SEGA Satan – Shiro” or SEGA Saturn white in Japan pronunciation, which also (thanx to Japan pun play it self) sounds like “U must play SEGA Saturn”. He shall punish those who didn’t play video game or wasting their time by not playing video game

Seriously, U should see how he beat the crap out of little-small-tiny-micro kids who decides to playing softball rather than video game (Awesome!!!!), or how he beat the crap out of youngster-hipster who rather clubbing rather than playing video game (hilarious!!!!), or other video where he throws an opponent & that guy blows like atom bomb (super cool!!!!!) or how he should be crowned coach of the millennium when he made the Japanese team win at world cup (horrendously magnificent!!!!).  There are lots of his other commercial that shown how bad @$$ this motha’ f*#ka is (check youtube, keyword Segata Sanshiro).

Lots of heroes/anti-heroes try to be bad @$$ but restrain themselves with

Last game for Saturn

stupid rule that bound them from being pure awesome bad @$$ & instead turned them into generic anti-heroes, a troubled past individual who act tough but deep inside they are whiny (such as never killed children or women or elderly people, etc). Not with Segata, he is a full fledge bad @$$. He beat the crap out of everything that didn’t honored the way of SEGA Saturn. He even have his own theme song, an epic marching/battle song that U could download & see here (see how hardcore the lyric is, this is a true gamer in all sense. My true inspiration of how being a true gamer). He even died protecting the company that he love, even he have a game which happens to be the last “official” game for SEGA Saturn (cuz after 1998, there’s still software game for Saturn but by small company & officially SEGA announce that they stop the production of Saturn & let 3rd party released game for Saturn if they want to).

Bottom-line this is the most dangerous bad @$$ man alive, PERIOD (OK, besides Batman, Cyclops, Nicholas D wolfwood & others but way damn close to be the one ^_^). Segata makes any other pretender or wannabe seems like bunch of shenanigans, pussy, chicken or any other form of insult that suit other who is weak in front oh the majestic grandeur that is Segata Sanshiro. Such a pity only handful of people see his awesomeness. Maybe if his commercial went world wide, the table will turned & SEGA will still in the console market, instead of turned into 3rd party developer who makes $hity game for other console (or this is SEGA way to salute other with middle finger so other console taste bad & awful game?).


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