When This Image Went Wrong (At Least In My Head)

I admit I am a “mall rats”, I love strolling around mall, rubbernecking, & saw all this strangers (I love the feel “alone” in the crowd, it makin’ me like a watcher..or maybe just some stalker  ^_^). Sometimes I also love to make fun out of anything I see in mall, also my journey to mall through public transport. Throughout my wasted time & life at the mall, sometimes I found some “picture imperfect” that make me think, ‘Damn! This should be funny if only….” Thus I decided to put some pictures when display of some product went wrong (though sometimes the people in it that makes it wrong).

It takes 2 to tango ha ha
Metal yeah!!!

dilemma of hardcore gym-boy
State of denial
Is that what i think it is?

Hope U found it enjoyable he he


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