Adapt or Die!!! (Really?)

So little time
Try to understand that I’m
Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody’s changing
And I don’t feel the same

Everybody’s Changing – Keane

So, last September, 24th to be exact is the 20th anniversary of one of the most influential album of our time, “Nevermind” By Nirvana & at 31st of October is also 20th anniversary released one of U2 best album, “Achtung Baby”. What are those 2 records have in common with me? Nothing! But the fact that it makes me feels so damn old & reminds me that on 12th of November I’m 28 years old (damn!!! I am old ha ha ha).

This is some sort of milestone to evaluate what has or hasn’t been done or just to look back at the past wondering how time flies or how drastically things change in my pathetic so-called life. So, let’s see how far I’ve come.

Charles Darwin once said “It is not the strongest nor the fastest, but they who are able to change and adapt with the nature that can survive”. But really, do we have to adapt in order to survive?

I wonder of what Darwin said it’s true (even if the fact I strongly support his statement whatsoever) cuz I know I didn’t live an exciting life or an extravagant one, but I dare to say I live quite a nice & “decent” life (by my own standard) without even changing my self…or is it?

Let’s see. Yes I still the same nerd & geek that digs video game, comic, manga & action figure. Yes I still dig alternative rock, especially the 90’s style such as Gin Blossom, Fountains of Wayne, etc (Hell, I even still listening to Pearl Jam, Nirvana, MXPX & all those yesteryear bands). Yes I still hate clubbing scene & party (though I attend it for the sake of being polite to my friend, I still the same anti-social freak that I used too, still has that lone wolf attitude ha ha). But then again…am I not change? At all?

Even a mere animal have the ability to adapt with changes, but human, like what I wrote on my previous blog, has the ability not to adapt. We prefer to change the environment to suits our preference than the other way around. So, as an act of defiance or just to piss on authority (e.g. parents, peers, God or any other group that usually intimidate us to change), I decided that I changed by not changing at all just like Eddie Vedder said on Pearl Jam’s song “Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town”.

But that’s probably just like some youth on revolt that probably starts a revolution from his/her bed, most of our act of defiance either die prematurely or somehow changed/adapt/corrupted along the way. We tends to become the thing we hate the most, just like how we hate our parents but we ended up to be almost exact clone of them somehow.

Guess I also changed somewhere along the way, but I also guess there’s still some rebel in me to defy the fact that I change. But the more important thing is the question whether to change is a necessity or just some BOOP (blow out of proportion) $hit just like Justin Bieber or any other lame-shallow trends. So, do we really have to change?

Maybe it’s true, in technology fashion, that the most update format will prevail while the older one left to die..but it’s not true in some way. In photography, digital format is the future, but it doesn’t mean that film roll is dead. Some niche market like lomography still using film format or how I still playing SEGA Genesis, PSX (in 2011!!). Old scooter like Vespa still cool. Something or probably everything was meant to be survived, to survive or not depends on the situation or the person who use it.

I mean I know trends tend to go in circle or cycle (like back to 60’s or 70’s style), so it means that something never really change, it adapts and modified a little, probably like N.E.R.D. (it stands for no one ever really dies, in comic though, cool eh?). Some stay some goes, a natural selection that will decide which one goes down as classic while others just plain rubbish.

Guess when it comes down to it, all we need to do is to look at what we really are (even if what we are just a shallow shell that defines by what we wear, what we use or others). If it’s not change our identity, I guess it’s OK to change, just a little he he. I mean, I changed here & there, now I have a girlfriend (some oath that I broke ha ha), now I listen to any kind of music (even boyband ha ha) & the clincher is how I “adapt my view on this world. Usually I see this god forsaken world through Pearl Jam’s song “Alive” which means a lot to me as some affirmation to the world “ f*#k U all, I still alive! HAH!” but now every time I hear that song, it means “Wow, ha ha ha. I’m still alive. Cool ha ha” maybe I am tamer or wiser, or I prefer adult (which somehow sounds that now I’m legal to commits adultery or sounds like I’m old ha ha).

Guess some change didn’t hurt if necessary. Well, Happy belated birthday to me. Here’s to another year of regrets, another year of failure and another year to have fun and a better tomorrow ha ha (I am change into a more positive guy. Wow).  Adapt or die? Not important, It’s just a matter of choice anyway.


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