Just Some Random Gig & Picture

Last Saturday I was forced to do overtime & to make it worse, somehow I managed to sprained or screwed my ankle (don’t ask but all I can tell that it involved some stupid working shoes that didn’t fit for day job in Indonesia). Let’s just say my Saturday night went abruptly into the sink hole.

But as I wasting my life on the office, I decided to abuse office facility & hit the internet then I found out that one of my local fave bands, DREW will held a small gig in Urban Fest 2011 at Ancol North Jakarta. Guess my Saturday ain’t that bad he he (besides the fact that my ankle hurts like hell).

OK, let’s see beach (Ancol is a beach) checked, Music (Urban fest is an exhibition that includes, art, music urban activity) checked, cost/expense (it’s free event unless U count ticket to enter Ancol Rp. 15.000,- is an expense though it’s reasonable & affordable) checked, a justification for me buying a ridiculous bank busting camera, though not an SLR but a PEN (my new found obsession for photography) checked. To sum it all, it’s a winning situation ^_^

So, despite there’s a lot of others band perform. I just wanna save my camera battery for DREW, since they are reason I came he he. So, here are their photo ha ha :

The cute Sashi
Aji, don't know but I think there is something very interesting with this guy
Putra, hard to capture since he stands on the back
Shanda, not much of a talker
Ouch my feet he he
This mic tastes like banana

I love this blurry picture don't know why

Ha ha. My Saturday ain’t that bad at all. My Sunday was Awesome ha ha ha

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