Field of Gold or Boulevard of Broken Dream

Recently, I have a conversation with my sister ‘bout how she can’t accept the fact that sometimes things must go to the way that we don’t want. She said that somehow she didn’t believe in the term “sincere” that she believes that everything in this world is achievable if we try hard & never give up, fairy tale/Disney like story eh (since I grow up reading Batman, Spiderman, X Man or manga story, or any other story that not quite fairytale, somehow I grew up to be the exact opposite of her. Pessimistic bastard ^_^).

Besides superhero (Batman, X Man, etc) or tragic story (Contract With God, Quitter, etc), I dig sport comic, especially manga (one of the best is Slam Dunk & Eye Shield 21). U know what? Sports, not only comic but real activity, will give a deep impact on our psychology. My sister didn’t into sport, thus I can tell she’s not actually a team player (if she’s into sport, she probably into individual sport like running/jogging, or swimming). But that’s not what I want to write about I guess.

And also in commemoration of the 26th SEA Games on 11th – 22ndof November

Indonesia rules!!

(South East Asia version of Olympic ^_^) that were held in Jakarta & Palembang (& Indonesia swiped most of the medal yeah!!!), somehow I just realized that boys, or mans are kinda lucky cuz we were very competitive & introduced to sport in our earlier days. Through sport we learn the cold hard truth about this wicked world, that sometimes things won’t go the way it’s supposed to be (remember how some team win by pure luck while the others try so hard that we can’t help but…cry?) or sometimes U can’t make it on U’r own (team play rules, unless it’s some individual sport like I mentioned earlier) or even sometimes U have to accept that there are things that U couldn’t-wouldn’t-shouldn’t win no matter how hard we tried or prayed or even begged.

Yeah, through sport we learn to accept the fact that by any means necessary, sometimes we have to admit that others is better than us (or luckier, or even cheats) to win or reign supreme. Through sport we learn the term “sincere” & to even though we are lose (thus we are entitled loser) at the very tiny least we could walk with our head held high (even if everyone mocking us).

I mean, the best moment of sport is when we realize that we can’t win against

Just give it a shot!!!

the opponent cuz they are better than us in every aspect but we refuse to give up, to surrender, at least until the final whistle is blown. It’s always makes my blood boils every time I saw someone or some team fight till the end even though they know they can’t win. & yes, we learn how to accept defeat, learn to be man enough to admit defeat & congratz our opponent, to be a good sport and learn to die another day & fight another fight.

read from right to left

But sport also has its dark side. Its result oriented (sometimes creates symptoms to do “any means necessary” to achieve goals. It makes people sometimes didn’t appreciate process & create instant generation that worship success & labeled defeat as failure without acknowledged the process. We learn to do anything even if we have to sell our soul to the devil (like using drugs, bribe the referee, etc)

Early into sport taught us the tastes of things to come from this world, a competitive dog eat dog – survival of the fittest world. We literally crush our opponent hopes & dreams to accomplish ours. To learn the hard way that some will labeled as “violent way” scary huh?

Well, whether we decided to introduce sport to our offspring or not are purely by choice with our own consideration (though they probably will be introduced at school). But if they into sport, there will be only two options : is it gonna be fields of gold for them or boulevard of broken dream.

Heaven or hell..Lets Rock!!!

2 thoughts on “Field of Gold or Boulevard of Broken Dream

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