Measures of A Man

“The measure of a man is not in how he gets knocked to the mat, it is in how he gets up.”

Battlin’ Jack Murdock’s – Daredevil : Yellow

 Well, it is confirmed that my friend Fery (see picture on the right with the

Stupid face

stupid face ^_^) will be retired, early in his 36 years of his pathetic little life. He will have to retired cuz he is hired as a front liner though he is moved to back office, his contract still mentioned that he will be retired at 36. I can tell that he feels uneasy & looking everywhere for an opportunity for another career.

I mean, 36 are still young, not in world of the job hunting (36 is old an supposed to be in managerial level & my friend still at clerical level), but young in the term of “life begins at 40”. His kid still young, only entering elementary school (which reminds me why I shouldn’t marry at “old age”). But what makes me kinda relieved is that he tried hard to look tough, at the very least it shows that he won’t give up, he shows some will to fight & survive. His fate somehow triggered my mind to give much thought about, probably about man & his way of life, his achievement or probably just some random thought (just like my blog he he) or to be blunt..about failure (considering that retired at 36 is kinda in that division).

I mean, failure is a common theme for most of us (unless U’r the special one that have life paved in gold & everything run smooth), yet we always fear failure. As a common people in term of skill, luck or aptitude, I used to the term ”failure” that somehow I lost some fear upon it (I failed in daily basis or just like Kurt Cobain said, “I worst at what I do best & for this give I feel blessed”). Probably common people is used to it while some “privileged” people will have ridiculous amount of fear cuz they are lack of experience in failure (people with nothing to lose will have no fear upon failure since they already at the bottom ha ha ha).

Look at this way, no man has ever succeeded to, well not to fall in the category of failure. If there is one, I bet rubble to a Dollar or Euro that that person never tries anything. Every great person, especially athlete has to taste failure, in order to know how it feels, how to avoid it, that is a compulsory rite of passage. The difference between great athlete, ordinary athlete, and looser is when they failed. Just look at example from American Football inspired manga, great athlete will stand immediately after they are fall while ordinary athlete took “awhile” before they get up & stand. The loser? They will fall & never get up.

read from right to left
Why do we fall Bruce?

Which is come to why I wrote this $hit, measures of a man is not by his accomplishment, his victory, but in his prevail over failure, in how he manage to stands every time he is fall, just like the quote above & what Thomas Wayne said in Batman Begin “And why do we fall, Bruce? So we can learn to pick ourselves up”.

That is true cuz it is harder to maintain a victory than to achieve it. It is inevitable that we fall or failed, but we have to climb back & achieve what is right for us, immortality!!! (Sorry, I just watch 300 & Immortal he he). That is the reason why most people dig Rocky series, we saw a struggle, a fight of common people to rise, fall, and climb back, to prevail.

Well, as to my friend, all I can say is $hit happens dude. Glad U know U’r still

State of denial eh?

alive & fierce. If I measures U, guess U are a good person & U deserves better dude. No matter what path U’ll walk, all I can say is good luck & just like the message in Ur tumbler said “Stay young always”. Good luck old man  ^_^ May U find a better job (since we both know anything better than this $hit hole ha ha ha)


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